Dating 101

Saturday, 14 May 2016

I've been single now for four, very long and slightly lonely, years and after much nagging and hint dropping by friends and family I decided to jump on the dating bandwagon, that is on a dating website, just to check it out.

Now there are hundreds of websites claiming to find your soul mate or your one true love just like the Disney Princesses and my friends even tried to convince me that Plenty of Fish was the best website to join.. I think not, amigos!

I finally settled on a certain website and took the plunge to sign up.
Ok. Ok.  I can do this, its just asking for my name, birthday and location. Easy.
What's this..

"How would your best friend describe you?" - oh for gods sake…
So yes I'll admit I really struggled with this question and I did indeed message my best friend for her advice. Though that was as useful as a chocolate teapot so in the end I forced myself to write a short but to the point bio.

Easy to talk to and a great listener.
I can be shy at first, but that soon runs off once I warm up to people.
Fun to be with.
Can be quite sarcastic at times.
Enjoy the outdoors but also nights in with a good book/film
Animal Lover
Rugby over football any day.
I'm a hard worker towards my career but know when to relax.

Becks, really?! No one wants to talk to someone who works hard!

Oh well, hit save and just sit back and wait…


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Shall we just start again?! My name is Becky, I'm 24 (25 on Wednesday 20th April) and I enjoy sleeping more than actually living a day to day life.

This whole blogging idea just went out of the window in December and I have completely no idea what happened.
So this is me saying I want a clean slate, a new page in my notebook. Just how I use to rip out the old pages from a book so it felt new to me, but instead of chucking out those old pages, they will be staying on the blog - I can be quite sentimental sometimes when it comes to binning items.

I've also noticed that when I have time to think and ponder, I start 'writing' out blog posts in my head. What I don't do is actually write these down and then I hate myself for not doing it.  Which I feel is the real reason I haven't written in a while.

I do enjoy writing and I miss it, but I've never known what to write about and I suppose I really should get into writing again as I need to produce a website by September - ha!

There is no point to this post, just a time for me to ramble and may be, in time and when the time is also right I will share the new developments.

Blogmas Day 9; Letter to Santa

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dear Santa,

Strangely enough I found this quite difficult to write, as I am not one to write a letter to you, and I really don't require anything. Well not that I can think of anyway.

If money wasn't an object, I would like for Christmas a house to move into, pretty please. Just a nice two bed house with a small garden and parking. You don't even need to pay for it, just point me in the right direction please.

May I also be given plenty of motivation to keep writing, so far so good big guy on Blogmas- ish. But I would really like to pursue my dream idea of posts that I have next year, and this includes travelling around the UK.

Thirdly, please help make 2016 better than 2015. No sudden losses in the family, human or not. No sudden waves of anxiety or pits of depression, so I can't meet new people. Just a nice and enjoyable 2016.

Oh I almost forgot, I would love a new hair dryer, so I can throw my old tiny travel one away. :)

Thank you and send many hugs to all your reindeer.

Becky x

P.S You can join in Blogmas too!