Spooky Tour round Burghley House, Stamford.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Source; Burghley House

Now I'm not one to celebrate Halloween. I have a fear of people wearing masks, and don't even get me started on scary films! However, when I found my self perusing on Burghley House's website for a tour round the magnificent stately home. I could not refuse!
Just one slight detail... it was a Spooky Tour! Eek!

Burghley House is the stately home of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Built by William Cecil, who was the Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I, it holds many tells and secrets. Made up of 35 main rooms and 80 lesser rooms, you never know where history will take you.
I have visited the house numerous times during the day, but the opportunity to visit at night was a must!

For £10 a ticket, or £6 if your a Burghley Friend, you get a choice of 4 times. While the 6:30pm and 7:30pm tours are more family friendly, our group of 5 from work opted for the last tour of the night, 9:30pm, and subsequently the scariest of them all. Well, might as well jump into the deep end on scaring myself alive!

With no more than thirty people in our tour, we are transported back in time with our local ghost expert Martin Tempest. We watched him limp and guide us through the house with his lantern, telling us stories of the unknown.
You venture into rooms such as the old dairy outside, the cloisters and the cellars, lit only by candle light, which are not open to the public during the day.

By seeing the whole house in a different perspective, it really contributes to the ambience of the tour. We felt on edge the complete time, unaware of what was lurking round the corner..
I won't tell you exactly what happens, as you will have to see for yourself. But I will say is that I've never been so scared in my life and screaming - and sometimes running, was the only way to express that!

I would highly recommend these tours and I have personally cleared my diary for next year! By going along, you are able to see the lovely home in a different way and find out the scary stories behind the workers.
Just one word of advice, keep your back against the wall.

Good work Burghley House & Happy Halloween!

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