Bramble has a new cage!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hi guys and dolls! 

Today I went out and brought a new cage for Bramble. 
If there is one thing I hate, it's false advice.
When I brought Bramble 3months ago the sales assistant said that the cage she is currently in was suitable for a Syrian hamster. 
Recently Bramble has become a lot bigger in size, and her cage is clearly too small for her. When I looked on the web about the cage, the company who makes the cages said it was suitable for mice. Mice would you believe, not Syrian hamsters!! 

Because of this, and feeling sorry for the poor thing, I have spent £54 on a new cage. It's the same design but the next a scale up. 
She is much happier than before.
So the point of this post, is to remind you that if the deal seems good enough, it will only last for a short period before you start to see the flaws. 

Becky x 

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