Ship Themed

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I will always remember this wedding, back in November 2012,  not because of the Brides dress or how many drunk people I served, but because of the theme and the amount of candles!
The room consisted of three very long tables and one top table. I believe this is the first time the hotel had done a layout of this sort for a wedding, so we were quite amazed we managed to fit everyone.
The theme for this wedding was Maritime due to the Groom being in the Navy. This meant that the three long tables where called Port, Midship and Starboard.
Normally for a wedding, the couple or ourselves will provide table card names, this Bride was amazing and got hold of the lanterns (see photos below) that they would normally have on a ship.
Along with these lanterns you will notice the amount of candles. Six members of staff took 15 minutes lighting all the candles on the tables as well as along the mantle, along the wall. I love candle to absolute bits but with them and just over 100 guests in there, you can imagine the heat and you guessed it they complained they were hot most of the time!

 But that didn't determine their spirits especially for a tradition of 'Pass the Port.'
Once we had cleared the tables of their last course, we placed two decanters of Port at the centre of each table. The person sat in the middle would then slide the bottle along the table to the person sat on their left, this person then had to serve themselves a glass without the decanter leaving the table...The decanter can only leave the table to be refilled.
My initial thought was, 'The stains on the cloths and the carpet are going to be lovely!' I must admit it was such a tidy game and such a laugh!

So my tips on this one:

  • Candles are great for all occasions but don't go over board! -Excuse the pun. :) This could be a fire hazard, especially with large flower centre pieces.
  • If you're carrying out a theme, tradition is the best. But add fun to the mix to make sure your guests are having a great time!
  • Use your imagination when decorating your tables, be different!
Hope you enjoyed my first post, more to come :) Also want to say what a great website PhotoSnack is! Its a website allowing you to make a slideshow for your Blog. I'll occasionally use this when I have photos to show for functions. :)


White Trees, Lace & Candles

Sunday, 25 August 2013

As explained in previous posts, the orginal idea was to set up a seperate Blog with regards to the Events that I help with at work. 
Instead, I've scrapped that Blog (don't worry , not deleted!) and posting the news every Sunday. 
There will be no order in these posts, but you will be able to find them depending what Theme. :) 

This was a fairly stressful wedding, though when are weddings not stressful?!
Instead of having the Bride from hell, it was the Mother of the Bride from hell. Though throughout the evening, she began to relax and turned out that the Wedding was a huge success from both families! And mother was happy - Hooray!
The layout was the norm, the chair covers took 4hours to do. So we set up the day before. As you can tell by the pictures, they were tied together by a pink material and a lace on top.
This lace was then also used on top of the tables, which when ironed, was a pain! 
You will also see some white trees as the centre piece, these were lovely and covered in silk flowers. The lanterns however, when lit, became very hot and melted the branches! A quick plan B was thought of and no trees were hurt! 

The most nerve wrecking experiance, and I will think all bakers will agree, is moving a cake, regardless of where it's going. Especially if this cake has been made by the Brother of the Bride. 
An hour later of re-piping and positioning, the cake took pride of place ready for the day. And was scrummy!

For every wedding is special, and every bride will try and make it more spectacular and amazing than the previous one they may of been too. But my tip for this one focus on the centrepieces. 
When putting the final touches together, try at home the centrepieces until your happy. Light the candles. Re position things and best advice, take photos for those people who will recreate on your day. That way, you can see if there may be any more set backs, or any potential fire hazards.
Photos are of my own. 

Weekly Wishes #3

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where on earth did last week go?!
Saying that, it only makes sense that my Weekly Wish #2 carries on for an extra week.
So what was last weeks Weekly Wish (or 10th August) : You! 
Right, so I set myself the task of commenting on others blogs. This helped me motivate myself, and actually take some time in reading your posts. 
I must say, I loved this task. It was great to see what others where writing about and then to receive comments on my posts was even better! Thanks guys! Because of this, I will carry on commenting and involving myself more. I love the Blogging Community which I joined on Google+ and am following more people each week! 

What is this weeks Weekly Wish: Lets get Crafty! 
A couple of weeks back when I was bored, I was suddenly hit by a wave of motivation to become more creative and crafty. 
So I went out and brought little projects, as well as fabric in the hope I would make some thing... 
These items and kits are still sat on my desk.. Untouched! 
This week I want to make it my goal to actually make something.
This may seem like a simple thing, but I'm also doing 40+hours a week covering reception, so finding time is going to be hard! 
I'll always find time to blog 4-5times a week as well. 

What's your weekly wish this time, do you know any crafty blogs I should look at? 

Review Wednesday: Car Eyelashes

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Yes you've read right. Car eyelashes. Your not mad, or am I the mad one??
July 2013, saw myself travelling down to Bath to work for 6 months as well as attaching something quite unusual to my cars headlamps.

Upon browsing on Wowcher I came across a deal that truly made me say out loud "Wowcher!"
£10 for 50% off car eyelashes from Car Eyelashes Direct. I could not refuse!
Millie needed something to really make her personality stick out.

10 days later and they arrive on the door. I was like a child at Christmas, ripping the bag open to find the goods!
Now it says on the instructions, that once applied to the car to leave for a good 48 hours before driving.
This didn't happen... within an hour I was driving down the M4 doing 70mph. I did start to regret this when I saw them flapping in the wind.. eek!
Millie with her Eyelashes.

Even though I didn't follow the advice, it goes to show what a brilliant product this is. Their made of a strong and flexible plastic, held to the car by none other than a very sticky tape. Very easy to fix on, just clean the area first and align. Be careful as you only get one chance to stick them on!
If you ever want to move the eyelashes to a different car, you can buy replacement tape as well. :)

You can get eyelashes from Amazon at a very cheap rate, but I would highly recommend getting them from this retailer. You get what you pay for. A good, honest product.
And after a year of travelling all over the UK, they have a lasted well, and have received a lot of great comments.
Kids love them, and it always puts a smile on everyone's faces!
It really does give your car a personality. Every one names them, why not give them some features.
While down South, one of my friends went to great lengths to make a car sized mascara wand, how cool!?

The length people go to make this for me!
You can now by diamanté eye-liner for cars.. so tempting!!
Do you have any great products you want me to read?
Have you seen any vehicles with eyelashes on?


Cambridge Haul

Monday, 12 August 2013

What a day! 
So before I go on about my lovely purchases from Cambridge, my original Blog Post was going to be about Teapigs. 
Work had organised a training session with them, but unfortunately after driving 30minutes and arriving dead on 10am, no teapig trainer!
My heart sunk! I was really looking forward to trying new teas and letting you guys in the know. Next time maybe! 

Right back to today - after the mishap of training, and a few phone calls made (all to be revealed on Thursday!) Mum, James and I drove to Cambridge to fix his iPhone. 
What's this I hear you cry? Your having De Ja Vu?! Yes your right, only a few months back was myself and mum in the same store with my phone trying to get it fixed, and failed!
 Long story short, he got a free replacement phone within seconds! Lucky bugger! 

So my haul! I needed a new jumper, as my current Jack Wills one has seen better days! 
We went into Crew Clothing and brought this lovely blue hoodie, which by chance mum spotted in a box ready to be shipped back to their stockist as they hadn't sold any. This was priced at £35. 
A khaki quilted jacket was next! 
The coat was reduced from £100 down to £60 and the last one left. 
It's so warm with just a t-shirt on underneath. 

My last item was a magnetic, glass notice organiser board. This is great for my room as I can keep an eye on when I'm working and what appointments I have. Also I can now keep track of when I blog weekly! 
So it was a good haul, all in all! 
Did you bag a good haul recently? Would love to hear :) 


Weekly Wishes #2

Saturday, 10 August 2013

So exactly a week ago today I posted about Milyssa's great idea of setting up Weekly Wishes.
I'm not one to steal, but I really love this idea and with the help of Evernote I plan of keeping this up.

So what was my Weekly Wishes last week? - To decide on whether I was attending Graduation or not.
After much thought I've decided not to go. I called up my friends and as the majority of us are in full time work, we can not afford to miss a day to spend celebrating *sniff sniff* our achievement.
However, there is a good ending to this, we are all returning in September to study a Top Up (If I pass my current Foundation Degree it will become a Bachalor of Arts Honours! Eek!) and get the chance of graduating then :)
I will still get my certificate to say I've passed, so not all's lost!

What is my Weekly Wish this week? - You!
Yes you, new and current followers! You are my motivation this week. I've noticed I spend more time reading and following than actually commenting on your posts. I'm also going to try and promote my blog more.
Even though this Blog was initially for my own personal reasons and somewhere to express my feelings, I've now become more attached to it and I want to take advantage and get to know everyone.
So if you see me commenting away, I'm not a creepy follower :) aha!

I'll post again same time next week on my progress.
Do you have a Weekly Wish this week? If so what?
Or do you have any Blogs or Posts you want me to look at?


The Green Dragon Pub, Ryhall.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

As a working member of the hospitality industry its nice once in a while to go out and enjoy your evening.
I don't tend to go out nowadays, as I'm spending my days off relaxing and catching up on sleep, but tonight I went to The Green Dragon Pub in Ryhall with my parents and family friends. 

Situated in the county of Rutland, Ryhall is a quaint village. As I only drive through on the way to work, I had no idea that it was made up of period cottages.
The Green Dragon, Ryhall.
The Square in Ryhall is gorgeous, just how villages should be. A village shop which hasn't been taken over by the main stream suppliers and a lovely traditional drinking pub, surrounded by cottages that have all their main features in tact. Children happily playing in the quiet streets, not a care in the world.  
And to be sat out side, with your family reminiscing about good old times. At one point I forgot it was Thursday.

Most pubs are now being forced to serve food as trends take over today's society. The Green Dragon only serves a small menu, mainly consisting of the average 'pub grub'. Lasagne, burgers, steaks the usual.
After much thought I chose a classic Pepperoni Pizza. Home cooked pizza's are the best they really are. The Green Dragons, better! None of the grease was left on my plate as you would expect with takeaway Pizza's and do you know the best bit... the pub actually deliver the pizzas within Ryhall! How cool is that!?

With this one highlight of theirs, I'm now browsing houses for sale in the village..I will then keep that pub in business with all the Pizza orders I put through!

Do you have a lovely pub you go to? Would love to hear your views.


One door closes, an archway opens.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Since helping in the office two days a week from late May and after two weeks of solid work and covering my manager, my time in the Events Office is coming to an end. Sad times! But fret not, I'm not jobless, I'm returning in the restaurant to charm all those lovely customers we get every day. 

I'm going to miss the office so much. It was nice to have a break from the evening shifts and just doing what Dolly Parton does best and work 9-5. 
I'm hoping that this isn't the end and that after, or if I'm lucky during, my course I'll be able to get back into Event Planning.
I love the excitement of planning a day and then seeing the outcome. I really do! 

So even though the manager doesn't read this, I really want to say thank you and my advice today is if you get asked to help out in a department you wouldn't normally, say yes! You have no idea what the outcome will be unless you try. Mine turned out positive and I'm grateful! :) 

Thanks Jenny and Weekly Wishes :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Right guys,

After seeing Jenny's lovely comment about where she gets her motivation from to Blog. I looked at Weekly Wishes by Nectar Collective - again recommended by Jenny.
I have to say, I love the idea of setting a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goal. That's what motivation is all about isn't it?

As quoted by Melyssa;
 "I encourage you to write a goal you have for the week either in the comments, on your own blog, in your journal, or tattooed to your face (I think the last option would be most effective, don’t you?). It can be anything…small or big! Then, try writing down why it’s important to you or why you chose it. Writing down why you chose it will help motivate you to do it! :) "

So I start from here.
One of my goals is to include my Events Blog Posts into this blog. By having two Blogs it gets confusing, plus its early days. :)
This will be an ongoing wish.

My other goal (actually completed goal) is that I've finally paid off my last Student Tuition Fees! Yay! I feel a need to celebrate! Its taken me exactly two years to pay off. But it is now a HUGE weight off my shoulders to pay it off!

I seem to remember in one of my first posts, I promised my self that I would look after myself and increase my self-esteem which I feel to continue.

For my first 'Weekly Wish' - To decide whether to go to Graduation or not. I know this seems like a silly wish, but I actually have a deadline of Friday 9th to let them know whether I'll be attending.
I want to go as its a great moment for me and the feeling that I've achieved something. Then there is a part of me that doesn't want to go as my best friend doesn't want to go. Yer, I'm 22 and I'm a big girl, but really there's no fun in celebrating a wonderful achievement on your own.

So bloggers, if your finding it hard to blog set your self goals. There are loads of posts to read about it and to spur you on.
I'll keep you posted on my decision.

Good Luck! :)