Weekly Wishes #2

Saturday, 10 August 2013

So exactly a week ago today I posted about Milyssa's great idea of setting up Weekly Wishes.
I'm not one to steal, but I really love this idea and with the help of Evernote I plan of keeping this up.

So what was my Weekly Wishes last week? - To decide on whether I was attending Graduation or not.
After much thought I've decided not to go. I called up my friends and as the majority of us are in full time work, we can not afford to miss a day to spend celebrating *sniff sniff* our achievement.
However, there is a good ending to this, we are all returning in September to study a Top Up (If I pass my current Foundation Degree it will become a Bachalor of Arts Honours! Eek!) and get the chance of graduating then :)
I will still get my certificate to say I've passed, so not all's lost!

What is my Weekly Wish this week? - You!
Yes you, new and current followers! You are my motivation this week. I've noticed I spend more time reading and following than actually commenting on your posts. I'm also going to try and promote my blog more.
Even though this Blog was initially for my own personal reasons and somewhere to express my feelings, I've now become more attached to it and I want to take advantage and get to know everyone.
So if you see me commenting away, I'm not a creepy follower :) aha!

I'll post again same time next week on my progress.
Do you have a Weekly Wish this week? If so what?
Or do you have any Blogs or Posts you want me to look at?