Cambridge Haul

Monday, 12 August 2013

What a day! 
So before I go on about my lovely purchases from Cambridge, my original Blog Post was going to be about Teapigs. 
Work had organised a training session with them, but unfortunately after driving 30minutes and arriving dead on 10am, no teapig trainer!
My heart sunk! I was really looking forward to trying new teas and letting you guys in the know. Next time maybe! 

Right back to today - after the mishap of training, and a few phone calls made (all to be revealed on Thursday!) Mum, James and I drove to Cambridge to fix his iPhone. 
What's this I hear you cry? Your having De Ja Vu?! Yes your right, only a few months back was myself and mum in the same store with my phone trying to get it fixed, and failed!
 Long story short, he got a free replacement phone within seconds! Lucky bugger! 

So my haul! I needed a new jumper, as my current Jack Wills one has seen better days! 
We went into Crew Clothing and brought this lovely blue hoodie, which by chance mum spotted in a box ready to be shipped back to their stockist as they hadn't sold any. This was priced at £35. 
A khaki quilted jacket was next! 
The coat was reduced from £100 down to £60 and the last one left. 
It's so warm with just a t-shirt on underneath. 

My last item was a magnetic, glass notice organiser board. This is great for my room as I can keep an eye on when I'm working and what appointments I have. Also I can now keep track of when I blog weekly! 
So it was a good haul, all in all! 
Did you bag a good haul recently? Would love to hear :) 


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