Review Wednesday: Car Eyelashes

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Yes you've read right. Car eyelashes. Your not mad, or am I the mad one??
July 2013, saw myself travelling down to Bath to work for 6 months as well as attaching something quite unusual to my cars headlamps.

Upon browsing on Wowcher I came across a deal that truly made me say out loud "Wowcher!"
£10 for 50% off car eyelashes from Car Eyelashes Direct. I could not refuse!
Millie needed something to really make her personality stick out.

10 days later and they arrive on the door. I was like a child at Christmas, ripping the bag open to find the goods!
Now it says on the instructions, that once applied to the car to leave for a good 48 hours before driving.
This didn't happen... within an hour I was driving down the M4 doing 70mph. I did start to regret this when I saw them flapping in the wind.. eek!
Millie with her Eyelashes.

Even though I didn't follow the advice, it goes to show what a brilliant product this is. Their made of a strong and flexible plastic, held to the car by none other than a very sticky tape. Very easy to fix on, just clean the area first and align. Be careful as you only get one chance to stick them on!
If you ever want to move the eyelashes to a different car, you can buy replacement tape as well. :)

You can get eyelashes from Amazon at a very cheap rate, but I would highly recommend getting them from this retailer. You get what you pay for. A good, honest product.
And after a year of travelling all over the UK, they have a lasted well, and have received a lot of great comments.
Kids love them, and it always puts a smile on everyone's faces!
It really does give your car a personality. Every one names them, why not give them some features.
While down South, one of my friends went to great lengths to make a car sized mascara wand, how cool!?

The length people go to make this for me!
You can now by diamanté eye-liner for cars.. so tempting!!
Do you have any great products you want me to read?
Have you seen any vehicles with eyelashes on?


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