Weekly Wishes #3

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where on earth did last week go?!
Saying that, it only makes sense that my Weekly Wish #2 carries on for an extra week.
So what was last weeks Weekly Wish (or 10th August) : You! 
Right, so I set myself the task of commenting on others blogs. This helped me motivate myself, and actually take some time in reading your posts. 
I must say, I loved this task. It was great to see what others where writing about and then to receive comments on my posts was even better! Thanks guys! Because of this, I will carry on commenting and involving myself more. I love the Blogging Community which I joined on Google+ and am following more people each week! 

What is this weeks Weekly Wish: Lets get Crafty! 
A couple of weeks back when I was bored, I was suddenly hit by a wave of motivation to become more creative and crafty. 
So I went out and brought little projects, as well as fabric in the hope I would make some thing... 
These items and kits are still sat on my desk.. Untouched! 
This week I want to make it my goal to actually make something.
This may seem like a simple thing, but I'm also doing 40+hours a week covering reception, so finding time is going to be hard! 
I'll always find time to blog 4-5times a week as well. 

What's your weekly wish this time, do you know any crafty blogs I should look at? 

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