Re-used finds :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On Friday 7th June, I'm hoping to visit Newark Show ground to one of the largest international antiques and collector's fair in the UK.
Last year I visited with my mum with the intention to find a old frame, which I would then transform into a cushioned pin-board.
However I found that when you have your mind set on something you never find it!
I did come across some lovely finds which have turned out to be items I love in my room!

The letters on my wall I absolute love! These are all old letters that may of been used on shop or pub fronts. I got these for £12! The clock I got from a boutique shop in Bath - but I've now found these on-line! And the lanterns are also from a shop in Bath.

My second find, would you believe it, was the board that I was looking for. Not in the ideal frame, but I love it none the less! £32 this was. :)

Both these finds go really well in my room which was decorated recently. My walls use to be covered in clutter & posters, and since binning all that, my room is so much bigger and lighter!
Hopefully I'll find some more reclaimed items for my room and new house ;)


I would like to take this opportunity to firstly say thank you to everyone who reads my personal blog so far, it may be a small number, but its a start and I'm very grateful!
I've joined BlogLovin' and would love if you could follow me, I'll return the favour as I'm THAT nice and follow back! :D
Secondly my second blog which I mentioned setting up in a previous post is now live :) - well two posts to be exact but its getting there ;)

At the moment its called An Event a Day, but I'm open to new suggestions! :)

Please give it a read when you get a chance, you never know you may need the advice and ideas one day ;)


Victorian Cricket

Sunday, 2 June 2013

What a fun day I've had today! Woke up to find the glorious sun peeking through my blind in my room.
Bonus for what activities where going on today! 
Each year our town plays host to the Victorian Cricket Tournament. The teams consist of the hotels and pubs surrounding. Out of the five included the hotel I work in. 
Now due to today's society, they now insist that each team must have one female player.
Yup, you guessed it.. that's me!
Now I've not played cricket since I was 16, and I've been nervous about it since I was asked a week ago!
However, it wasn't all that bad after the fuss. I parked my car at work (as the parking in town is ridiculously expensive and busy!) and strolled down to the meadows with the team. 

Now despite the team players we had I think we did well. We did lose the first match, but that meant spending the rest of the day chilling in the sun and enjoying the day. :)

Some of us took the ample oppurtunity to drive a Off Road Camel Landrover BLINDFOLDED!! We obviously had some one with us to navigate! The aim of the competition is to see how fast you can get around the course with out incurring any penalties all in first gear! I managed to do it in 6mins 30. The winner did it in 3mins, which my friend and I still quite understand how..?!


With all the lazying around it was also a great time to take some piccies on my phone to then play with and upload on here. I love the photo of the Dakota which did a fly over. I'm quite shocked myself! I couldn't see the screen with the sun glare, but wow!

Along with the positives are the negatives.. mine being that my arms and face represent a lobster! :( Sympathy please fellow bloggers, I'm in alot of pain!
So I've learnt a few things, I can drive blindfolded - but not recommended! That I can play cricket - not well, but hey practise makes perfect ;) and that I sun burn way to quickly!

B xx

Help, your thoughts needed!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

So I've decided that I'm going to set up a new Blog page.
This will only have work towards set ups for weddings and functions that I do at work.
As well as keeping a 'diary' of what I do so its easier for me to relate to when I start my course in September, I'm also hoping that new brides and party planners will find ideas on my blog.

I eventually want to start a career in Events Planning and think this Blog will be the start of it.

Now this is where you come into it my lovely readers.. :)

I'm a bit stuck for a name of my blog, I know you can change it - but I want one that I'll be happy with and you never know might be the name of the company.
I've been trying to think of names and my head is completely stuck :( Ones I've thought of so far are:


Events the way

Simply Events.

maybe .. B Events?

Annoyingly most good ones are taken away :(

Please help readers, would be greatly appreciated!
I've also joined BlogLovin' - Follow my blog with Bloglovin

B xx