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Saturday, 1 June 2013

So I've decided that I'm going to set up a new Blog page.
This will only have work towards set ups for weddings and functions that I do at work.
As well as keeping a 'diary' of what I do so its easier for me to relate to when I start my course in September, I'm also hoping that new brides and party planners will find ideas on my blog.

I eventually want to start a career in Events Planning and think this Blog will be the start of it.

Now this is where you come into it my lovely readers.. :)

I'm a bit stuck for a name of my blog, I know you can change it - but I want one that I'll be happy with and you never know might be the name of the company.
I've been trying to think of names and my head is completely stuck :( Ones I've thought of so far are:


Events the way

Simply Events.

maybe .. B Events?

Annoyingly most good ones are taken away :(

Please help readers, would be greatly appreciated!
I've also joined BlogLovin' - Follow my blog with Bloglovin

B xx

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