Sun, relax & your thoughts.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Good morning guys! Isn't the weather fantastic?! - not, the sun left on Monday. :( makes a difference from having torrential downpour every bank holiday!

But I'm really happy that the sun stayed out for the christening I went to on Sunday, especially in a county such as Wiltshire. The downside is the drive down there. Took four hours, normally I stop for half hour, but as I was running late, and joining traffic queues didn't help. I just pegged it down there. Glad I didn't stop as I arrived at the church with five minutes to spare!
The rest of the day was spent catching up with friends who I hadn't seen for 6months, and enjoying a drink, it was nice to relax! :)
I wore the dress that I brought last week, I'm getting use to wearing dresses now, instead of trousers. Normally I wear black tights with dresses, this time I went for nude :P aha!

Off to work I go, I'm tempted to start a new blog about all the work we do when it comes to setting up weddings, especially as I now do one day a week in the events office and I'm studying it next year. Thoughts? Or should I just concentrate on this one bloggers? See ya :) x


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    1. Thanks :) I'm getting use to it, love your blog & look forward to reading your posts especially as its helping me look at new brands. Thanks again! X