Shop, Shop, Shop, Shopping!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Oh dear bloggers, I ended up in Cambridge today!

So much for me saving for a house eh?! The orginal reason of visiting was to go into Apple to get my phone fixed. My lock on my iPhone 4 has sunk. My network provider where going to charge me £170 for it to be sent off and repaired. Apple where going to charge me £119 for a replacement phone. However, the replacement phone was a recycled one. In the end I decided to keep my phone and wait out the remainder 9months off my contract for an upgrade.
The guys in Apple are so rude and condescending. They really are! I would not recommend anyone going to the Cambridge store!!

Anyway, my purchases! So to think over my options with my phone, mum and I walked around. Rude not to right?! My first purchase were a pair of Tom wedge s. I absolutely love Toms. The style, the comfort, the price - not so much, but the concept is so good! You buy a pair and a child in Africa gets a pair of shoes for free! Their a beautiful ash colour, bit tight but they will stretch, just like my other two pairs.

I then brought a Crew Navy Blue Cable Knit jumper. I already have one from Jack Wills, but that is more for winter as its wool. This is lovely material and thick enough to wear over a vest.

My final buy was a dress from the Cambridge Market. I'm unsure about this one, so would love your opinions. The dress I liked was not available in my size :( so mum picked up this one. It's to big around the neck line.. Just not sure.
However I need a dress for the christening this weekend!

I apologise for the state of me, shopping tires me out :(

See ya!
B xx


  1. Let's face it, we're all guilty of shopping when we're meant to be saving, and why wouldn't you when you find such cute things, expecially those toms!they. are. amazing!! they're so cute. we've never seen wedge toms before!!

    1. The Toms are amazing arn't they!? I've been wanting a pair of wedges for some time now, but the ones i see are too strappy for my liking or ridiculously too high!
      These are perfect and you know what, they're comfortable too, then again when are Toms never comfortable!?
      Love your blog, its on my reading list :)
      B xx

  2. It sounds like you had such a stressful experience with Apple, I find they're all a bit like that. Either that, or they seem to have no idea what they're doing!
    Anyway, shopping always makes things brighter so I don't blame you!
    I think the dress is gorgeous, it looks lovely on you! Definitely wear it with confidence!
    You have a lovely little blog and I'm already looking forward to your next post! :)
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that towards Apple. I'm now left with a faulty phone for the next 9 months *sigh*.
      I'm still getting use to the dress, I prefer shorter sleeves rather than these floaty ones, but that's the aim of this blog, to change my ways.
      You have a lovely blog as well Laura, its on my reading list :) - Is that how you follow people on here? I'm still new to all this!

      B xx