Nails Inc Bargain Purchase

Monday, 8 June 2015

I'm not one to spend my money on myself, even my mum comments that the moths are flying out of my purse. However, I just could not resist the urge when I came across a picture on Nails Inc's Instagram page.

If you open up my drawer in my room, avert your eyes from the thousands of hair grips, rubber colourful bands that were so cool to collect in my teenage years and have yet to throw away, you will come across my nail varnish collection. 
A mix from Barry M to Boots, Fearne Collection, there is one brand that takes up the majority, Nails Inc.
However, if there is one thing that is a re-occuring factor between them all, it's the dark colours consisting of red, black, and the occasional blue.

While at work I had a quick flick through my Instagram feed, don't be so shocked, we've all done it.. admit it. I was about to lock my phone, when a photo came up from Nails Inc about a sale they had online.
Brilliant I thought, 7 pastel colours for the price of, well, not even 2 colours. The normal retail price of a Nails Inc colour is £11 each, therefore this should of cost me £77 plus delivery. 
Could you believe my shock when the varnishes cost only £18 plus delivery. I didn't want to be greedy on this bargain, so shared the image straight away on Instagram, just hope you guys saw it.

Have you come across any bargains recently? I'm yet to try these colours out but it brings a dash of colour to my dark selection. 

Top, L-R: Haymarket, The Thames, Princes Place
Bottom, L-R: Hyde Park Corner, Loveridge Road, Gordon Street, Bloomsburg Street

B x

Five for Friday

Friday, 5 June 2015

After a very busy week last week, I decided to go for a quite one this week. Didn't help that I've been ill for the past two days.. So instead of five, it's more like three..

Visited Granddad
It was nice to get out of the house and give Grandma a break from caring Granddad. What wasn't nice, or expected, was him to forget my name. Bless him, he is 93!

Animals making me chuckle
As horrible as it is, I get a kick out of making my cats jump and watching Digby chase his tail.
One day I will get this on camera and upload to YouTube...

Song Lyrics
This actually came to light while at work.
Jason Derulo's, Want To Want Me came on the radio and my colleague burst out laughing. 
Apparently at the beginning of the song, it sounds like 'I've got the shits on the floor.'
Yeah, I can't listen to that song any more..

Like I said, it's been an odd week so quite short. What has been the highlight of your week?

B x