iPhone Accessories :)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Good afternoon! Before I rush off to get ready for work (should be having a shower right now) I thought I would show you my recent purchases!
My first was a silicon rabbit iPhone 4 case. Now I watch far to much TV in my spare time, which is very rare I would like to add, and one programme I cannot miss is New Girl!
It shows in the UK every Tuesday at 9pm on E4. I love Zooeys character Jess. I like to see myself as a... Toned down replica of Jess. She has a phone case which I absolutely adored and I'm so glad I managed to find one on Amazon. It was very quick delivery and despite being a knock off of the Rabito ones. (They normally cost £20+) it's ok. The silicon attracts dirt, and weirdly I would say there's a 2mm space from the cover to the phone. But apart from that it does its job :)
I normally go to Amazon if I need something, especially for my second item I got the other day. My 2metre iPhone charging cable decided to stop working. :( boo! From what started as a search to just replace the cable ended up with a docking station. It's a Kitsound Docking station which charges and syncs when plugged to the laptop. It's very good quality, annoyingly I have to take the phone out of its case to charge, but I read reviews about this and I'm lucky that my case is slightly too big to take off easily ;)
I was a bit sceptical about these two items, but so far they have out my worries aside. I do do my homework before hand and look around.
Now with both purchases I didn't have to pay a penny, why? Because I had done a student survey and they gave me an Amazon gift certificate which I totally forgot about!
I will talk about those next time, surveys. I'm researching around as I heard you can earn money. Great method for students! :)

Thoughts & Opinions.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

In my spare time I like to watch movies or listen to music. Sharing opinions and viewing them is important in life, otherwise you get ignored. You have no voice.

Now that Blogger has developed an app for the phone - which I've been waiting for for months! I will be trying to write on here everyday. Expressing my thoughts on the movies that I watch and other products that I may use.

I also think its a good method to changing myself. :) Have fun reading! :)

Teapigs :)

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's my love for tea.
I'm not a tea expert but I can't go through a day being happy if I have no tea!
I've been brought up on Twinings, and can remember drinking tea cold when I was young. My parents were a bit surprised especially as they were drinking Earl Grey back then. We now all drink English Breakfast which I prefer but will occasionally dip back into the old days.
Since starting at Hillbrooke in 2010, they use Teapigs.
It's a company which use tea leaves instead of other tea dust which is what the other tea companies use. They do all sorts of types. From your everyday Green Tea to Chocolate Tea.
As we have training by them we re also introduced to new ideas, such as the Chai Tea Latte. I required taste I feel.
By the method that Tea Pigs use, I can drink their English Breakfast tea with no milk and we have stacks of Peppermint tea in the cupboard as I'm the only one drinking it!
You can find Teapigs in all small deli shops, there becoming more and more popular as the days go by. You can also buy online www.teapigs.co.uk

I'm always trying new stuff so I'll keep you informed :)

Bramble the Hamster!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

If you had the choice of any animal for your 22nd Birthday. What would it be? A cat, rabbit maybe? Or even a bearded dragon?
Me? Originally it was a dog, I had joked with my family about a hamster, but felt that a dog would be a better choice.

However, I ended up with a hamster!
Last time I had a hamster was when I was possibly 7-8yrs old. I had completely forgotten they were nocturnal animals!
"Bramble" - her temporary name, is still settling in. She managed to escape last night while in my room, an hour later I find her sitting under my desk cupboard!
Tonight she has learnt how to climb on her cage and drop when she isn't expecting it!
She is lovely but a little madam and still so scared. I'm trying to handle her, but she really doesn't like being touched :(
I have found a solution with whole noisy thing.. Put her in my bathroom at night! Genius!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Motivation. It's spurred on by different items or wants of desire. Some money, others the thought of achievement.
You would of thought having access to money and the thought of a new-ish lifestyle would spur me on to get new clothes, or de-clutter my wardrobe. I started on the usual spot. Websites. Page after page of clothes. I've realised that whenever I click on a garment the following goes through my head:
"That's lovely, that would go well with jeans or shorts! And it's price is cheap! Oh but I don't think it will look good on me, I'll leave it."

And this cycle goes on and on. I know what you're thinking, you never know unless you try. Ad you know what I do try. I brought a top, tried it on at home. It now sits in my wardrobe.

The step forward is to abandon this method, and just go for it. Doesn't help that my family don't support me.
The other day was a clear example. Mum brought be a top couple of years back. Yesterday I wore it and told me to change as she hates it. Cannot win!

If I had to look up to any one for style it would be a lot of women. Anne Hathaway, Sophia Bush, my best friend Charlotte.
It's not like I'm big, I'm a tiny size 6. And I'm not making the most of my body.

When I finish my reports.. I'm hitting those shops -online, and changing.


Promises are funny. Well depending on the situation they are. 
There's realistic ones, silly ones and serious ones. Either way they all have two outcomes. It's been kept or it hasn't.
In my life so far I have been the culprit of many promises. To myself and others. And when those promises are not kept, they get in the way.
Every so often it is guaranteed that, like every other girl in the world, I will feel depressed about the way that I look. Both in clothes and appearance.
"Well change your ways", "You have money go shopping!" These are just some of the things that come out of my friends and families mouths. 
My parents do a lot for me and I'm grateful. They buy me make up, they buy me clothes when I have the sudden motivation to "change my ways". But it doesn't last long. 
I can open up my wardrobe and I will wear three items. Jeans, T-shirt and a hoodie. And that is what I live in.
Sometimes I say its a lot easier to wear this as I'm constantly helping outside in the garden or mucking out a horse. But I'm sure not all horse owners do what I do.
Either way I'm fed up. 
I turned 22 at the weekend, and I'm still wearing the same outfit I do everyday.
And this is where I start my promise. 
I promise myself that I will change. I promise that I will take care of myself more. 
Now whether I can keep those is another story.

Oh and I promise that i will carry on blogging. I mean seriously who else starts a new blog every time they log on..just me?!