Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Promises are funny. Well depending on the situation they are. 
There's realistic ones, silly ones and serious ones. Either way they all have two outcomes. It's been kept or it hasn't.
In my life so far I have been the culprit of many promises. To myself and others. And when those promises are not kept, they get in the way.
Every so often it is guaranteed that, like every other girl in the world, I will feel depressed about the way that I look. Both in clothes and appearance.
"Well change your ways", "You have money go shopping!" These are just some of the things that come out of my friends and families mouths. 
My parents do a lot for me and I'm grateful. They buy me make up, they buy me clothes when I have the sudden motivation to "change my ways". But it doesn't last long. 
I can open up my wardrobe and I will wear three items. Jeans, T-shirt and a hoodie. And that is what I live in.
Sometimes I say its a lot easier to wear this as I'm constantly helping outside in the garden or mucking out a horse. But I'm sure not all horse owners do what I do.
Either way I'm fed up. 
I turned 22 at the weekend, and I'm still wearing the same outfit I do everyday.
And this is where I start my promise. 
I promise myself that I will change. I promise that I will take care of myself more. 
Now whether I can keep those is another story.

Oh and I promise that i will carry on blogging. I mean seriously who else starts a new blog every time they log on..just me?!

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