Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Motivation. It's spurred on by different items or wants of desire. Some money, others the thought of achievement.
You would of thought having access to money and the thought of a new-ish lifestyle would spur me on to get new clothes, or de-clutter my wardrobe. I started on the usual spot. Websites. Page after page of clothes. I've realised that whenever I click on a garment the following goes through my head:
"That's lovely, that would go well with jeans or shorts! And it's price is cheap! Oh but I don't think it will look good on me, I'll leave it."

And this cycle goes on and on. I know what you're thinking, you never know unless you try. Ad you know what I do try. I brought a top, tried it on at home. It now sits in my wardrobe.

The step forward is to abandon this method, and just go for it. Doesn't help that my family don't support me.
The other day was a clear example. Mum brought be a top couple of years back. Yesterday I wore it and told me to change as she hates it. Cannot win!

If I had to look up to any one for style it would be a lot of women. Anne Hathaway, Sophia Bush, my best friend Charlotte.
It's not like I'm big, I'm a tiny size 6. And I'm not making the most of my body.

When I finish my reports.. I'm hitting those shops -online, and changing.

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