Bramble the Hamster!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

If you had the choice of any animal for your 22nd Birthday. What would it be? A cat, rabbit maybe? Or even a bearded dragon?
Me? Originally it was a dog, I had joked with my family about a hamster, but felt that a dog would be a better choice.

However, I ended up with a hamster!
Last time I had a hamster was when I was possibly 7-8yrs old. I had completely forgotten they were nocturnal animals!
"Bramble" - her temporary name, is still settling in. She managed to escape last night while in my room, an hour later I find her sitting under my desk cupboard!
Tonight she has learnt how to climb on her cage and drop when she isn't expecting it!
She is lovely but a little madam and still so scared. I'm trying to handle her, but she really doesn't like being touched :(
I have found a solution with whole noisy thing.. Put her in my bathroom at night! Genius!

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