Weekly Wishes #11

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Oh god! How late is this post?! Better late than never! Here we go!
It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
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The Nectar Collective
This week, the theme for the photos is 'Selfie'. This is a first, as I don't think anyone on the blogging world knows what I look like, unless you follow me on Twitter.
Even my profile photo on Blogger is me hiding. This was taken a few weeks back after the hairdressers. My hair is not naturally curly, nor do I take selfies alot. So feel special :P
- Just noticed, excuse the mess on the desk... oh lord! Guarantee it is not like that AT ALL now!

So what was last week's Weekly Wish?Enjoy. Focus & Button Swap.
Well safe to say I enjoyed my week off. I got some work done for Uni , but not as much as I was hoping. First deadline is in two weeks time!
I most definitely enjoyed getting scared on a Spooky Tour, which you can read about here! - Just want to quickly add, that to date the Spooky Tours review has had 65 views! Wowee! Thanks for all the re-tweets on Twitter with this post!
As you would of noticed, I have 3 blogs in my sidebar. I don't think I achieved on the button swapping, but oh well! :) I you want to swap, just comment :)

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Work. Crafty. Blogging.
Quite simple wishes, as it is now mid-week! I need to carry on with my work towards my assignments. However, this week I have started a new hobby, slap bang when I need to focus on my work :( So I'm hoping to slowly get my craft on.
Finally, write some blog posts for both here and Events Management News

Good Luck with your weekly wishes!

Spooky Tour round Burghley House, Stamford.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Source; Burghley House

Now I'm not one to celebrate Halloween. I have a fear of people wearing masks, and don't even get me started on scary films! However, when I found my self perusing on Burghley House's website for a tour round the magnificent stately home. I could not refuse!
Just one slight detail... it was a Spooky Tour! Eek!

Burghley House is the stately home of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Built by William Cecil, who was the Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I, it holds many tells and secrets. Made up of 35 main rooms and 80 lesser rooms, you never know where history will take you.
I have visited the house numerous times during the day, but the opportunity to visit at night was a must!

For £10 a ticket, or £6 if your a Burghley Friend, you get a choice of 4 times. While the 6:30pm and 7:30pm tours are more family friendly, our group of 5 from work opted for the last tour of the night, 9:30pm, and subsequently the scariest of them all. Well, might as well jump into the deep end on scaring myself alive!

With no more than thirty people in our tour, we are transported back in time with our local ghost expert Martin Tempest. We watched him limp and guide us through the house with his lantern, telling us stories of the unknown.
You venture into rooms such as the old dairy outside, the cloisters and the cellars, lit only by candle light, which are not open to the public during the day.

By seeing the whole house in a different perspective, it really contributes to the ambience of the tour. We felt on edge the complete time, unaware of what was lurking round the corner..
I won't tell you exactly what happens, as you will have to see for yourself. But I will say is that I've never been so scared in my life and screaming - and sometimes running, was the only way to express that!

I would highly recommend these tours and I have personally cleared my diary for next year! By going along, you are able to see the lovely home in a different way and find out the scary stories behind the workers.
Just one word of advice, keep your back against the wall.

Good work Burghley House & Happy Halloween!

Weekly Wishes #10

Monday, 21 October 2013

It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
Link up & Join In!

The Nectar Collective

This week, the theme for the photos is Creativity. Above is a photo of when I was (and still am) learning how to use the sewing machine. 
I'm a bit slow, but getting the hang of it. Plus it's my Grandma's machine and outlived all of the modern machines!!

So what was last week's Weekly Wish? Keep Calm & Carry on!
Ok, so it's not last week's wish, but I lost all motivation last week to do anything.. at all!
This needs to change! Though I would just like to highlight, that I'm doing this post and link up ON A MONDAY! Ahhhh I normally do it Tuesday morning.. the shock!!
 I have started my assignments, and with it being reading week this week, I am aiming to get the 1000 word report, along with it's presentation out of my hair!
I still have not washed the car as we have had Noah build his ark! Not literally. It just hasn't stopped raining.. blooming England weather!!
So with regards to the meeting, lets say I didn't accomplish this wish. It wasn't that kind of meeting, in the fact it was a change of management, and certain rules and words were being said. Since then, work has been absolutely fine. :)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the Bastille tickets BOO HOO! :( They were sold out. *sob* However, I had a lovely evening catching up with N :) Even though we watched Tv and got a take out, it was nice to just sit and chat about things face to face :) 

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Enjoy. Focus & Button Swap.
As I've mentioned above, I have a whole week off. So I'm going to enjoy my time off while I focus on getting my work done for uni. Even though its raining cats and dogs, with the occasional hamster. It still won't put me off doing stuff. Tonight (and i will post about this!) I am going to a stately home in our town along with some friends, for a Spooky Tour! They say the later you go, the more scary ahh!!
Finally, I will be using this time to accept any free Button Swaps! Either click here to take my button or if you want to swap comment or contact me on the links. I would be more than happy to :)

Good luck with your weekly wishes!

Five Spooky Things to do this Halloween in London

Just because you're no longer a child doesn't mean you can't celebrate Halloween! There are loads of great ideas and events going on this scary month. So grab a Spiced Pumpkin Latte (I still need to join the trend on this!) and settle down to read my top 5 ideas that will send shivers down your spine! (Or not, depends how much of a wuss you are!)

1.      For all you Harry Potter fans, fly on over on your broom stick to the Warner Bros Studio for a Ghostly Goings on between 19th October and the November 3. You get wand lessons as you'll find yourselves under attack of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters.
2.      Love to party? Sign up to Mulletover's Halloween Bash. Becoming popular each year, it promises to be a spook-tacular evening. Dress up and drink up! The location is a secret, so you never know what scary venue you will be in...
3.      If your dog wants to tag along, get them dressed up (there are loads of dog costumes!) and head on down to Hampstead Heath, London on 27th October. This lovely get together is being organised by the All Dogs Matter Charity. You can find more info here! :)
4.     Traditional Halloween Party - If you don't fancy going out, why not gather your friends round to celebrate this spooky night. Let your creative and imaginative juices flow. Get dressed up, tell ghost stories, watch some films in candle light. What ever you fancy to enjoy your night. Oh and don't forget the sweets. Halloween can not be celebrated with out sweets. FACT!!
5.     History Boff? Visit Hampton Court Palace to be spooked by Henry VIII 5th wife, Catherine Howard. As well as looking round the house and gardens, visit the maze as well. 

Well I know what I'll be doing on Halloween, carving pumpkins and watching films chomping on chocolate. :)
Have a safe and happy Halloween guys! And remember, if the lights are off while your trick and treating, it means the household don't want to be disturbed!

What are your plans this spooky holiday?

Weekly Wishes #9

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wow, I really am not having a good week in the blogging world! Ahh, here goes!
This weeks photo theme is 'Celebrate.'

Because I work in the Events Industry I could of picked lots of photos from parties to weddings. But that's not personal right?

So this is my picture;

This photo was taken on New Years Eve. I'm celebrating with friends I had made in 6th Form and after not seeing them for a good 4 years, it was a un-planned evening, of going out and enjoying myself. And my god did I enjoy my night. Not so in the morning but hey-ho! It was a lovely night celebrating that year with some good friends! And A LOT has changed since then!

Also, here's a cute video of Bramble.. It may look boring but totally worth the watch! Makes me laugh every time! BTW, She is completely fine after this, and feel free to share and show to your friends :) 

It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
Link up & Join In!

The Nectar Collective

So what was last week's Weekly Wish? Car washing. Research and Blog Posting.
 .... *ahem* well that was a complete fail! Even though I only had two shifts and work and two days at Uni. I still managed to fail on my wishes.
My car was being used by Mum as hers was in the garage, though I have a day off today, so I'm tempted to wash it when it comes back.
I did start researching slowly and actually started an assignment, so its not a complete fat fail! 
And the blog posting... It's been slow.. very slow!

But fear not!..

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Keep Calm & Carry on!
I will carry over last weeks wishes, as they all are very important and need completing. These seem to be ongoing wishes so I need another one..
To attend the work meeting and say what I want to say. I feel every meeting that we have, I never pluck up the courage to say what's on my mind. At the moment a lot has been happening that I want to express my feelings on. 
To buy Bastille gig tickets, if you know me, you'll know I love my music, and I love Bastille.
I said to my friend C that if they ever go on tour we need to see them. They obviously knew I was talking about them, as they're playing in a local venue next week!
Finally, enjoy my time catching up with my best friend N. We very rarely see each other, so it will be nice to catch up - despite texting every day. I think we all forget that there is a person behind that small screen we text on!

Good luck with your wishes :)

Becky x

Sunshine Awards 2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

I owe you lot an apology for the lack of posts - though as lame as it sounds, I do have an excuse! My work and college work are taking up most of the time, and even though I have the Blogger app on my phone and iPad, I still prefer to write on my laptop.
Anywho, I will try my best :)

Right, so back in May I was given the Liebster award by one of my readers. This week I've been given the Sunshine awards from not one Blogger. But two! Thank you Lauren and Britt!
You can find Lauren over here, and Britt over here! Check out their blogs guys!

What you do is;

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. - Done
Share 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers.
Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate and let them know they have been nominated.

As I have done this kind of thing before, if you click here you will find the facts about me :) 

Here are Britts questions;

1. what is your favourite thing about yourself?
If you had asked me this a couple of months back I would of said nothing. However, the whole point of this Blog was to boost my self esteem. I think my eyes are my favourite thing about me. That and my patience :)

2. how do you bring sunshine into the lives of people around you?
Hmm, I would not know with out asking those people. I'm a good listener and always there to help others. I hate seeing people upset and will always be there to make them smile.

3. what is one food you cannot live without?
Foam shrimps and Malteasers. My nickname is Malteaser as well! :)

4. what was your favourite childhood toy?
I actually still have him somewhere. Wrapped in tissue paper in a tin. He was called red rabbit and he would go everywhere with me. When mum use to take it out of my hands to wash, I would watch him in the washer.

5. what adjective(s) would you use to describe the relationship between yourself and your siblings? if you're an only child, one adjective to describe your childhood without a sibling.
Eek, as much as my brother tests me, I will always love him. Sometimes we are close and sometimes we are estranged. Depends what's happened between us.

6. what is your favourite travel location and why?
I have so many! Sorrento is my favourite abroad. I love Italy, and the people I met were so so friendly! 
In the UK would be Bath. Gorgeous are down south! I really want to go back soon!

7. which song is the soundtrack of your summer?
I'm still in love with Bastille, so I'm going to break the rules here and say their album is my soundtrack to my summer :)

8. what's your job, and do you enjoy it?
I work in a 4 Star Hotel in the lovely town of Stamford as a waitress. Its a job at the end of the day and I do enjoy myself. I've been with the company for nearly 3 years and love helping at the Weddings and other Events :)

9. what's your favourite weekday and why?
At the moment, Wednesday. But only up to 10pm. I get a chance of a lie in. I have no work to worry about. But come Thursday morning I have to be up at 6am. So I try and get to bed early.

10. if you could get lost in any place, where would it be?
I don't have an exact place, but I love the woods. Especially if its a lovely day in any season. I would love to just sit on a bench in any woods and take in my surroundings :)

11. who/what do you appreciate most in your life?
I never say this as much as I should do, and some may say it's very cliche. But I really do appreciate my parents. They have done and do so much for me. At the age of 22 I still live at home, and as much as I want to leave, it's only because I want to give them space. They have helped me a lot through difficult times and I love them for it. I really do. 

Wow, now questions from Lauren;
1. What is your favourite place you’ve ever been?
Again Sorrento, however I would love to go back to USA. I was only there in 1999. Many many moons ago!

2. What is the blog you visit the most outside of your own?
Is this a trick question!? I visit as many blogs as I can. It helps that I have BlogLovin' on my phone, so I can check and read posts when I can. There are a few that I prefer reading like Laurens from My Passion Journey and Britt from One & Twenty for example. But there are so many and so many more to find!

3. Did you have any childhood pets? Tell us all about them!
What a question to ask. My first pet as a child was a hamster called Smudge. He was a horrible hamster, though I was only 8/9 at the time. I would have to wear big gauntlet gloves to hold him as he would bite so much!
Now the animal clan has grown! 2 Dogs, 3 Cats, 1 Hamster, 14 Ducks, 12 Chickens and 1 Horse!

4. What would be your dream job?
To own my own business. Either in wedding planning or events management. We will see!

5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
Britt has already asked this but I'm sure, like all children, we had more than one toy!? My second favourite was my Dolls House. Dad built this for me and we still have it sitting on our landing. 
Its a bit neglected at the moment and I really should look after it, especially as the furniture in there is so delicate..

6. Tell us something most readers probably don’t already know about you
What a way to sell something ;) hehe! If you didn't know already I have started writing on this website about weddings and my experience! Also I have made a button that you can take for your blog :) If you want to swap, just leave a comment on the Buttons Page :)

7. Are your finger and/or toe nails painted right now, if so what colour?
Due to the job that I do, my nails are not painted. Though when I get the chance I paint my nails with weird designs. I do Poppies for Remembrance Day in November. I've done the Marble effect and I also did Union Jacks for the Queens Jubilee. I'm talented me! ;)

8. What is a talent you don’t have but wish you did?
That I was even more creative than I am! I keep buying and collecting fabrics to make stuff. Bunting, bags. ANYTHING! But I don't know how to use a sewing machine confidently! I've sewn two dust sheets together and that was it!

9. What was the last really amazing meal you had?
I love all food.. except fish. I hate fish. I do love the meals from a shop call Cook. And I love Roast Dinners :)

10.Who is the most dialled number in your outgoing calls?
Home - normally to speak to mum. Though most numbers on my calls list are missed calls. I hate talking on the phone..

11. What are you most looking forward to between now and the end of the year?
Gee... maybe getting that one bit closed to finishing my degree. Work is going to get a lot busier with all the Christmas Parties. *sigh*

Ahhhh Hand Cramp!
Now to nominate 11 Bloggers this lovely award with their questions :)

1. What's your favourite make up item that you can not live without?
2. What's your favourite year?
3. You're having a dinner date, what are the four people you would like to invite?
4. Is there anywhere you would rather be, than were you are right now?
5. Do you own any pets?
6. I'm visiting your town for the day, where we going?
7. If you had super powers would you have invisibility or speed?
8. How did you get involved in the world of blogging?
9. What is currently on repeat on your iPod/MP3 player?
10. You're trapped on an island; you can only have three items. What are they and why?
11. Choose your best advice for any new blogger :)

Gah, answering questions and thinking of some is tough work. Comment when your done and I'll have a read. 

Becky x

Colour Themes

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When you’re setting up the rooms for the day, revealing the colour theme that the couple have chosen is one of the best bits – obviously making sure the couple and their guests have a fantastic day is the most important thing! But I’m like a child at Christmas; I need to know the colour theme!
Some people will feel that the each wedding is the same. You turn up, watch the couple tie the knot and the day is followed by copious amounts of food, drink and dancing. Far from it my friend!
Each wedding is different. Different dresses. Different Suits. Different Venues. The list is endlessly different from one wedding to the next.
When planning your wedding, you need to start thinking of decorating your venue. A good starting point is what theme or colour you will go for.
This summer has seen a rise in neutral and pastel colours. These choices are very safe and help bring across an elegant feel to the day.
One colour scheme that has really stood out for me is yellow and grey. Two colours on the opposite sides of the wheel. A bright and a dark. A dull to a cheerful colour.
But the contrast of the two really work and if applied, in the right manner, look amazing!

Using these colours in the summer means you can use resources around you. Flowers could include Sunflowers, Roses, Gerbera’s – My favourite flower!
If you’re really daring you could even try wearing a grey dress…
Don’t stick to one shade of grey, as the well-known book suggests there are 50 (perhaps more) shades of grey to choose from. You could even sneak in a third colour, such as lavender purple. But again only hints don’t go crazy!
If I had to change a few things of the mood board above, it would be to not have grey table cloths. Great to hide the food and wine spillages, but to me it’s trying to behave as a metallic silver.
Start with white as your base colour, maybe a grey table runner then to add, just small accents of yellow.
Apart from that, I love it!
As we come into the Autumn/Winter months, the choice of colours will change. Some venues have seen an increase in the use of Emerald and Deep Red. Gorgeous colours!
 Gold works well with both these choices, but keep it subtle. Because they are strong rich colours keep the decorating at bay.
By using dark colours it will give the sense of warmth and cosiness. Perfect in the cold months.

All weddings are costly, keep an eye on your cost when decorating.
Could you imagine buying lengths of fabric for your table runners, only to find that it’s the wrong colour!? Nightmare!
You may find it cheaper to make your own decorations. Think outside the box!
So at the end of this post, my points for you guys are;
·         If you’re on a budget, keep it simple. You don’t need to have your chosen colour in every single item.
·         Use colours that you are happy with. Just because your mum likes the colour, doesn’t mean you have to choose it. It’s your day!
·         If you’re unsure, keep white as your base and chose a neutral colour.
·         Remember there is more than one shade of colour. When buying items make sure you get the right shade throughout.

What colour did you have/having for your wedding? I would love to hear your thoughts. J

Exciting News I HAVE to share!!

If you've been following me for a while now, you'll notice that I've been sharing with you weddings (and eventually other parties) held at my work.
Last week I was approached by Events Management News website to contribute to their page about my experience in the wedding sector. 
Well I am extremely happy to say that my first post has been published -hopefully one of many! Here's a snapshot! 

It would mean a lot if you guys could check this out for me and to hear your feedback! 
Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my blog! I will be including the posts on here as well! Just means you'll be hearing from me more! ;)

Also - Totally unrelated, but I've now added a Button Page. Feel free to take it, if you would like to swap let me know and I'll pop over :)