Five Spooky Things to do this Halloween in London

Monday, 21 October 2013

Just because you're no longer a child doesn't mean you can't celebrate Halloween! There are loads of great ideas and events going on this scary month. So grab a Spiced Pumpkin Latte (I still need to join the trend on this!) and settle down to read my top 5 ideas that will send shivers down your spine! (Or not, depends how much of a wuss you are!)

1.      For all you Harry Potter fans, fly on over on your broom stick to the Warner Bros Studio for a Ghostly Goings on between 19th October and the November 3. You get wand lessons as you'll find yourselves under attack of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters.
2.      Love to party? Sign up to Mulletover's Halloween Bash. Becoming popular each year, it promises to be a spook-tacular evening. Dress up and drink up! The location is a secret, so you never know what scary venue you will be in...
3.      If your dog wants to tag along, get them dressed up (there are loads of dog costumes!) and head on down to Hampstead Heath, London on 27th October. This lovely get together is being organised by the All Dogs Matter Charity. You can find more info here! :)
4.     Traditional Halloween Party - If you don't fancy going out, why not gather your friends round to celebrate this spooky night. Let your creative and imaginative juices flow. Get dressed up, tell ghost stories, watch some films in candle light. What ever you fancy to enjoy your night. Oh and don't forget the sweets. Halloween can not be celebrated with out sweets. FACT!!
5.     History Boff? Visit Hampton Court Palace to be spooked by Henry VIII 5th wife, Catherine Howard. As well as looking round the house and gardens, visit the maze as well. 

Well I know what I'll be doing on Halloween, carving pumpkins and watching films chomping on chocolate. :)
Have a safe and happy Halloween guys! And remember, if the lights are off while your trick and treating, it means the household don't want to be disturbed!

What are your plans this spooky holiday?

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