Weekly Wishes #9

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wow, I really am not having a good week in the blogging world! Ahh, here goes!
This weeks photo theme is 'Celebrate.'

Because I work in the Events Industry I could of picked lots of photos from parties to weddings. But that's not personal right?

So this is my picture;

This photo was taken on New Years Eve. I'm celebrating with friends I had made in 6th Form and after not seeing them for a good 4 years, it was a un-planned evening, of going out and enjoying myself. And my god did I enjoy my night. Not so in the morning but hey-ho! It was a lovely night celebrating that year with some good friends! And A LOT has changed since then!

Also, here's a cute video of Bramble.. It may look boring but totally worth the watch! Makes me laugh every time! BTW, She is completely fine after this, and feel free to share and show to your friends :) 

It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
Link up & Join In!

The Nectar Collective

So what was last week's Weekly Wish? Car washing. Research and Blog Posting.
 .... *ahem* well that was a complete fail! Even though I only had two shifts and work and two days at Uni. I still managed to fail on my wishes.
My car was being used by Mum as hers was in the garage, though I have a day off today, so I'm tempted to wash it when it comes back.
I did start researching slowly and actually started an assignment, so its not a complete fat fail! 
And the blog posting... It's been slow.. very slow!

But fear not!..

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Keep Calm & Carry on!
I will carry over last weeks wishes, as they all are very important and need completing. These seem to be ongoing wishes so I need another one..
To attend the work meeting and say what I want to say. I feel every meeting that we have, I never pluck up the courage to say what's on my mind. At the moment a lot has been happening that I want to express my feelings on. 
To buy Bastille gig tickets, if you know me, you'll know I love my music, and I love Bastille.
I said to my friend C that if they ever go on tour we need to see them. They obviously knew I was talking about them, as they're playing in a local venue next week!
Finally, enjoy my time catching up with my best friend N. We very rarely see each other, so it will be nice to catch up - despite texting every day. I think we all forget that there is a person behind that small screen we text on!

Good luck with your wishes :)

Becky x


  1. Aww. I love that wish about speaking up in the meeting. I used to struggle with that a lot as well. I got run over too many times and eventually learned to be very vocal. Haha.
    I hope you are able to share what you want to share. Your perspective is important!
    Britt @ One&20

  2. I agree with Britt! As I get older, I feel that it is my place to say a concern not only because it is bothering me, but because what I have to say may benefit others. I always remind myself that the worst that could happen or be said is, "no". Courage is HUGE and I hope you gain some to say what you need to say this week!

    xo Jess

  3. Good luck with the wishes & the especially the meeting one! It takes time to build up the courage but once you get across the point & people actually listen the feeling of having been bold enough to say it is fantastic!

    Caitlin :)

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  5. Good luck with your wishes this week, Becky! :)
    Like others have said, I think it's important to have courage on meetings like that and I do hope you find a way of saying what you want. I also really like you wish of spending quality time with friends. Friendships are important so I'm glad you're making time for them :)

    I hope you have a great week! :)

    Pinja / That September Feeling