Colour Themes

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When you’re setting up the rooms for the day, revealing the colour theme that the couple have chosen is one of the best bits – obviously making sure the couple and their guests have a fantastic day is the most important thing! But I’m like a child at Christmas; I need to know the colour theme!
Some people will feel that the each wedding is the same. You turn up, watch the couple tie the knot and the day is followed by copious amounts of food, drink and dancing. Far from it my friend!
Each wedding is different. Different dresses. Different Suits. Different Venues. The list is endlessly different from one wedding to the next.
When planning your wedding, you need to start thinking of decorating your venue. A good starting point is what theme or colour you will go for.
This summer has seen a rise in neutral and pastel colours. These choices are very safe and help bring across an elegant feel to the day.
One colour scheme that has really stood out for me is yellow and grey. Two colours on the opposite sides of the wheel. A bright and a dark. A dull to a cheerful colour.
But the contrast of the two really work and if applied, in the right manner, look amazing!

Using these colours in the summer means you can use resources around you. Flowers could include Sunflowers, Roses, Gerbera’s – My favourite flower!
If you’re really daring you could even try wearing a grey dress…
Don’t stick to one shade of grey, as the well-known book suggests there are 50 (perhaps more) shades of grey to choose from. You could even sneak in a third colour, such as lavender purple. But again only hints don’t go crazy!
If I had to change a few things of the mood board above, it would be to not have grey table cloths. Great to hide the food and wine spillages, but to me it’s trying to behave as a metallic silver.
Start with white as your base colour, maybe a grey table runner then to add, just small accents of yellow.
Apart from that, I love it!
As we come into the Autumn/Winter months, the choice of colours will change. Some venues have seen an increase in the use of Emerald and Deep Red. Gorgeous colours!
 Gold works well with both these choices, but keep it subtle. Because they are strong rich colours keep the decorating at bay.
By using dark colours it will give the sense of warmth and cosiness. Perfect in the cold months.

All weddings are costly, keep an eye on your cost when decorating.
Could you imagine buying lengths of fabric for your table runners, only to find that it’s the wrong colour!? Nightmare!
You may find it cheaper to make your own decorations. Think outside the box!
So at the end of this post, my points for you guys are;
·         If you’re on a budget, keep it simple. You don’t need to have your chosen colour in every single item.
·         Use colours that you are happy with. Just because your mum likes the colour, doesn’t mean you have to choose it. It’s your day!
·         If you’re unsure, keep white as your base and chose a neutral colour.
·         Remember there is more than one shade of colour. When buying items make sure you get the right shade throughout.

What colour did you have/having for your wedding? I would love to hear your thoughts. J


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  2. Love this post, I would struggle so much to chose a colour for my wedding there are great tips here.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches