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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Good afternoon! Before I rush off to get ready for work (should be having a shower right now) I thought I would show you my recent purchases!
My first was a silicon rabbit iPhone 4 case. Now I watch far to much TV in my spare time, which is very rare I would like to add, and one programme I cannot miss is New Girl!
It shows in the UK every Tuesday at 9pm on E4. I love Zooeys character Jess. I like to see myself as a... Toned down replica of Jess. She has a phone case which I absolutely adored and I'm so glad I managed to find one on Amazon. It was very quick delivery and despite being a knock off of the Rabito ones. (They normally cost £20+) it's ok. The silicon attracts dirt, and weirdly I would say there's a 2mm space from the cover to the phone. But apart from that it does its job :)
I normally go to Amazon if I need something, especially for my second item I got the other day. My 2metre iPhone charging cable decided to stop working. :( boo! From what started as a search to just replace the cable ended up with a docking station. It's a Kitsound Docking station which charges and syncs when plugged to the laptop. It's very good quality, annoyingly I have to take the phone out of its case to charge, but I read reviews about this and I'm lucky that my case is slightly too big to take off easily ;)
I was a bit sceptical about these two items, but so far they have out my worries aside. I do do my homework before hand and look around.
Now with both purchases I didn't have to pay a penny, why? Because I had done a student survey and they gave me an Amazon gift certificate which I totally forgot about!
I will talk about those next time, surveys. I'm researching around as I heard you can earn money. Great method for students! :)

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