White Trees, Lace & Candles

Sunday, 25 August 2013

As explained in previous posts, the orginal idea was to set up a seperate Blog with regards to the Events that I help with at work. 
Instead, I've scrapped that Blog (don't worry , not deleted!) and posting the news every Sunday. 
There will be no order in these posts, but you will be able to find them depending what Theme. :) 

This was a fairly stressful wedding, though when are weddings not stressful?!
Instead of having the Bride from hell, it was the Mother of the Bride from hell. Though throughout the evening, she began to relax and turned out that the Wedding was a huge success from both families! And mother was happy - Hooray!
The layout was the norm, the chair covers took 4hours to do. So we set up the day before. As you can tell by the pictures, they were tied together by a pink material and a lace on top.
This lace was then also used on top of the tables, which when ironed, was a pain! 
You will also see some white trees as the centre piece, these were lovely and covered in silk flowers. The lanterns however, when lit, became very hot and melted the branches! A quick plan B was thought of and no trees were hurt! 

The most nerve wrecking experiance, and I will think all bakers will agree, is moving a cake, regardless of where it's going. Especially if this cake has been made by the Brother of the Bride. 
An hour later of re-piping and positioning, the cake took pride of place ready for the day. And was scrummy!

For every wedding is special, and every bride will try and make it more spectacular and amazing than the previous one they may of been too. But my tip for this one focus on the centrepieces. 
When putting the final touches together, try at home the centrepieces until your happy. Light the candles. Re position things and best advice, take photos for those people who will recreate on your day. That way, you can see if there may be any more set backs, or any potential fire hazards.
Photos are of my own. 

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