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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I will always remember this wedding, back in November 2012,  not because of the Brides dress or how many drunk people I served, but because of the theme and the amount of candles!
The room consisted of three very long tables and one top table. I believe this is the first time the hotel had done a layout of this sort for a wedding, so we were quite amazed we managed to fit everyone.
The theme for this wedding was Maritime due to the Groom being in the Navy. This meant that the three long tables where called Port, Midship and Starboard.
Normally for a wedding, the couple or ourselves will provide table card names, this Bride was amazing and got hold of the lanterns (see photos below) that they would normally have on a ship.
Along with these lanterns you will notice the amount of candles. Six members of staff took 15 minutes lighting all the candles on the tables as well as along the mantle, along the wall. I love candle to absolute bits but with them and just over 100 guests in there, you can imagine the heat and you guessed it they complained they were hot most of the time!

 But that didn't determine their spirits especially for a tradition of 'Pass the Port.'
Once we had cleared the tables of their last course, we placed two decanters of Port at the centre of each table. The person sat in the middle would then slide the bottle along the table to the person sat on their left, this person then had to serve themselves a glass without the decanter leaving the table...The decanter can only leave the table to be refilled.
My initial thought was, 'The stains on the cloths and the carpet are going to be lovely!' I must admit it was such a tidy game and such a laugh!

So my tips on this one:

  • Candles are great for all occasions but don't go over board! -Excuse the pun. :) This could be a fire hazard, especially with large flower centre pieces.
  • If you're carrying out a theme, tradition is the best. But add fun to the mix to make sure your guests are having a great time!
  • Use your imagination when decorating your tables, be different!
Hope you enjoyed my first post, more to come :) Also want to say what a great website PhotoSnack is! Its a website allowing you to make a slideshow for your Blog. I'll occasionally use this when I have photos to show for functions. :)


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