What do you mean I can't use BlueTack!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

As most weddings, all of them have their unique ways. You also, as a waitress, learn and take home some brilliant ideas.
This bride, and mostly her maid of honour, really used the room to its full use.
As the hotel is Grade II listed and therefore means that we cannot modify or nail anything to the walls, this really was a dilemma for this wedding.
They felt that the walls just needed something to make it more special for them.

We already have pictures hanging on the walls and their first question was to take these down. Unfortunately, these are stuck fast and this wasn't an option. Second question, and personally I hate the stuff, Blue tack!
As amazing as it is for fastening items together or on walls from cleaning keyboards, it also leaves a horrible greasy mark afterwards and in some cases removes the paint.

The solution.... measure the inside area of the picture and place their decoration inside, et Voila!
This was my favourite one

You can just about see them around the room
They had covered the whole pictures, fastened with sticky back plastic, with card and on those cards where customised sayings from the bride and grooms favourite films or programmes. 
A very personal touch.
When you really set your mind to it, the outcome is amazing and as it has happens, will be inspiring towards others. 
So when you're planning your wedding, use the room. Don't feel that because the venue have said no once means a plan B can not be thought of.
This party where very cleaver in their thinking and the end result looked amazing!

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  1. That was actually a really cool idea, and a very smart work-around considering the constraints.
    I think I would've just gotten frustrated and given my vision to someone else to execute... lol.
    I happen to really love weddings so I am so jealous that you get to be at so many!
    Britt @ One&20