Weekly Wishes #4

Monday, 2 September 2013

Its that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!

The Nectar Collective
- See more at: http://thenectarcollective.com/2013/09/weekly-wishes-15/#sthash.4Z5EhV8u.dpuf

So what was last week's Weekly Wish?: Let's Get Crafty!
Well this was an epic fail on my half and I'm annoyed that I did not accomplish anything crafty :( As I explained last week, I was doing a 40 hour cover on reception so I was extremely tired after work. 
The tiredness showed as I managed to Link up the wrong post in Weekly Wishes Link Up - Double Whammy Bex!
However, I did find this old trolley/table in our shed. 
I needed more storage space for my ever expanding shoe collection. A quick clean, sand down and a lick of paint and it fits well in my room. A very good find a d re-use of furniture!
So I'm very tempted to say that this was my crafty side.. hope you agree! 

Left; Before. Right; After. (Bramble loves the new height!)

What is this week's Weekly Wish?: Sort out endless amounts of receipts..
As boring as this sounds, this is also a great method of getting rid of the mountain of receipts in my drawer. Heard of a 'man drawer' ? The drawer that has bits of old shoelace, light bulbs, keys that have no use to you just stuffed in a drawer, never to see the daylight again?! I have one. Just full of receipts.
As I'm going back to University next week and cutting down on my hours as work, I need to become money concious again. I have a vague idea of just sorting them all out, input my spendings on a Excel sheet on my laptop and only keep the ones I think I need. Again boring for you guys, but major in use for me!

So what are your weekly wishes this week? Link up and I'll have a read, I may get inspired for a less boring wish next week!