The Green Dragon Pub, Ryhall.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

As a working member of the hospitality industry its nice once in a while to go out and enjoy your evening.
I don't tend to go out nowadays, as I'm spending my days off relaxing and catching up on sleep, but tonight I went to The Green Dragon Pub in Ryhall with my parents and family friends. 

Situated in the county of Rutland, Ryhall is a quaint village. As I only drive through on the way to work, I had no idea that it was made up of period cottages.
The Green Dragon, Ryhall.
The Square in Ryhall is gorgeous, just how villages should be. A village shop which hasn't been taken over by the main stream suppliers and a lovely traditional drinking pub, surrounded by cottages that have all their main features in tact. Children happily playing in the quiet streets, not a care in the world.  
And to be sat out side, with your family reminiscing about good old times. At one point I forgot it was Thursday.

Most pubs are now being forced to serve food as trends take over today's society. The Green Dragon only serves a small menu, mainly consisting of the average 'pub grub'. Lasagne, burgers, steaks the usual.
After much thought I chose a classic Pepperoni Pizza. Home cooked pizza's are the best they really are. The Green Dragons, better! None of the grease was left on my plate as you would expect with takeaway Pizza's and do you know the best bit... the pub actually deliver the pizzas within Ryhall! How cool is that!?

With this one highlight of theirs, I'm now browsing houses for sale in the village..I will then keep that pub in business with all the Pizza orders I put through!

Do you have a lovely pub you go to? Would love to hear your views.