One door closes, an archway opens.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Since helping in the office two days a week from late May and after two weeks of solid work and covering my manager, my time in the Events Office is coming to an end. Sad times! But fret not, I'm not jobless, I'm returning in the restaurant to charm all those lovely customers we get every day. 

I'm going to miss the office so much. It was nice to have a break from the evening shifts and just doing what Dolly Parton does best and work 9-5. 
I'm hoping that this isn't the end and that after, or if I'm lucky during, my course I'll be able to get back into Event Planning.
I love the excitement of planning a day and then seeing the outcome. I really do! 

So even though the manager doesn't read this, I really want to say thank you and my advice today is if you get asked to help out in a department you wouldn't normally, say yes! You have no idea what the outcome will be unless you try. Mine turned out positive and I'm grateful! :) 

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