Five on Friday

Friday, 20 September 2013

So this past week has been hectic as - I think anyone will agree with me on that!
I was then prompted by a lovely friend of mine, N, that I hadn't posted in a while. After much thought I had no idea what to write.
"How is that so?" - I hear you cry!
Because numpty here has't used Evernote in over a month, that's why!

Anyway, moving on I was reading Mackenzie's post over on Bells Bliss about a High Five for Friday post.
Brilliant - a new link up!
I then traced the source of the link up, Darci from The Good Life, and I've participated below. :)

I believe it is five things you write about that has happened over the week. So a summery. You then link up and just join in, so here goes..

This week I've been working a.lot along side two days at Uni. Probably not a good thing, but being told that the next 6 months you have a lot of work to do is making me panic. But I can do it! I know I can!
I've become SUPER organised and have everything ready from folders to new pens! I'm such a stationary geek!
Best thing is that I only finish at 2:30pm on both days! Oh yay!
I have one assignment due in on November which I have to present with. I don't like presentations.. they make me quiver :(

I wouldn't be surprised if this was mentioned on at least one post so I will be brief on this one and say it quietly and quickly...
What a waste of a download! There are some items I like such as the lock screen when new notifications pop up. I did enjoy flicking through the new ringtones (I'm such a child)
However, after waiting 37 minutes for it to download (I've heard some people have been waiting up to 20hours!!). My phone decided to switch off and take two hours to switch back on again! I'll also quickly explain that my "lock" button on the top sunk back in May and therefore I steer clear from switching off my phone, unless I have a barge pole to press it down to get it to wake up!

IOS 7..Thoughts?

Eeek! It's nearly that time to send of the Snail Mail Collective parcel! After having on idea of doing a care package, I decided to go all out and focus on one item. One item?! You're so mean! Ah but if you saw the price tag attached you would be agreeing. Plus it has multiple functions!
I won't explain too much in detail as Britt maaayyy be reading this. If you are, its being sent on Monday as the Royal Mail around here are gimps!

My lie in on Wednesday didn't happen! This is after my persistant friend C decided to let me know that Tine Tempah was going on tour!!
We have been waiting for 5 years for this day! He opened up freshers 5 years ago (back when we were college students, the uni and college share a campus) which we decided not to go to as we didn't think he would be that good.
How wrong were we! We love this man and can not wait. CAN NOT WAIT (the excitement is already building!) to see him in December!

My fifth point may not be huge, but it is for me. I managed to build up the courage to ask my manager at work to cut my hours down!
*big sigh* I was a bit apprehensive about this, as I wasn't too sure how they would react and also if they would accept.
However, I went with the feeling "who cares, it's happening" and it was accepted!
I will now only work 4 days a week, 2 of which are evenings, and 3 days off to study and blog of course ;)

So what have you done this week?
Do you have any comments about Apples new software?
 Link up, join in and comment!

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