Name Change Ideas; Help Needed!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Do you love that feeling when you have the motivation to change something.. but you just don't know where to start?

I am having this exact problem as we speak and I'm reaching out to you guys to really help me out - pretty please!

Here's the low-down;
I've had my blog for nearly 5 months and I have enjoyed every step of my journey. From learning how to make pages to joining networks and meeting new people.
When I first started I honestly thought I would be all on my own in the world of blogging, so when it came to the name I put no thought into the process.
This is were I want to change...

I love my name that my parents gave me don't get me wrong, but I would also equally want a new blog name.
It only came up in thought when I was designing Blog Buttons when I thought.. I need a change.
I have searched the web and racked my brain all night and had no luck. I've even tried brainstorming the idea and this is all I got..

Lincolnshire Daisy - I live in the county of Lincolnshire and I love daisies. Its also a twist on the normal 'English Rose.'

Gin & Pimms - I have a feeling I may get a company on my back about this one.

Tea & Scones - Yeah, there's no reason for this one, it was quite random.

Brilliantly Dull - I searched Oxymoron's and this is what it gave me.

So your help would be greatly appreciated it really would!

Thank you in advance readers :)


  1. My favorite is Lincolnshire Daisy! It's so unique and just sounds so British-y... lol.
    I love that name!
    Britt @ One&20

  2. Tea & Scones! It's so typically British!
    Lydia x