Clos Maggiore & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Covent Garden - London Part 1

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Despite living 100 miles away from the city of England. Going to London is still a rarity for me.
However, when I am there, I feel at home. A duck to water. So when we do go down, it's for either work or a special occasion.
This time, it was for my mum's birthday.

Before going to the Theatre, we firstly enjoyed a gorgeous meal at Clos Maggiore.
Situated on King Street in Covent Garden, this wonderful restaurant looks tiny and reminds me of a Tardis. 

I must say, first impressions are very deceptive, one glance and the outside Christmas decorations where too much for me.

However, as soon as you step through the door from the corridor, the building expands and you forget what you've just seen outside. There are cupboards adorned with bottles of ageing Armagnac's, and mirrors to make the small areas look deceivingly big, and it has an upstairs too!


We were greeted by a lovely lady, who took our coats and shopping bags and walked us to our table in the conservatory. As we walked through, every single waiter and waitress said hello. Yes, I know, not unusual, but it's lovely to hear manners, and that was a lot of manners!

Nestled in the corner of the flower covered conservatory, was our table, right next to a lit fire. That's one box ticked. I love warmth and cosiness, none of this clinical cold malarkey!

All the waiters that served us, were attentive but not intrusive and happy to help, as well as patient as we waited 30 minutes for my brother to arrive - and they say, women keep you waiting, pfft!
After much thought, I ordered a Strawberry Bellini and shared a bottle of Prosecco with the family.
Starters where up, and my seared scallops, served with crushed Ratte potatoes and sea lettuce butter sauce was absolutely divine! A bit too buttery for me, but none the less amazing!
My parents and brother chose the Devon crab served with a smoked anchovy mayonnaise, which they also thoroughly enjoyed!

After wiping the bowl clean, in the politest way I could, my main course of belly of Limousin Veal was so tender and scrumptious! - I'm running out of adjectives here.. The sauce was again a bit salty, but I really wasn't going to complain.
Again, the others ordered the same thing, and went for the Goosnargh Duck, which smelt a-ma-zing!
Along with our mains, we ordered sides of wilted spinach and triple cooked chips, which came served in small copper pans..three chips cute!
To be honest, my brother had my chips..

 Completely stuffed, I ordered the Amalfi lemon curd & crisp meringue with shortbread. I have a third stomach I swear when it comes to puddings!
You could really taste the bitterness of the lemons, but absolutely stunning. The presentation was spectacular, especially with the gold leaf on top!
My brother chose the Paris Brest, Dad opted for the cheese selection - a few stinky cheeses as well! 
While my mum went for the Chocolate Fondant, and was later spoilt by the chefs with a selection of Petit fours on a plate which had 'Happy Birthday' scripted in chocolate.
I was equally over the moon, when my pot of Early Grey tea was served the 'proper way'. Loose tea leaves! Yay!

I am not surprised this small restaurant has three rosettes from the AA and also been awarded the London's Most Romantic Restaurant of Hardens Guide.
I would strongly recommend going to this place, the food is divine, and the environment and ambience lets you forget that actually your in the most busiest part of the UK.. London!

Thank you Clos Maggiore!

After our meal, we then popped over to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, review is here!


  1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is one of my absolute, must-watch-every-single-time-it-comes-on-TV favorites!
    I literally cannot resist turning it on if it's listed on ABC when my TV is on.
    I am so jealous of that amazing-sounding meal AND the fact that you "got a golden tiiiiiiiicket!"
    Britt @ One&20

  2. Oh my goodness, that meal sounds utterly divine!! it's made my mouth water just thinking about it haha!