Great Christmas Exchange 2013

Friday, 10 January 2014

Back in December the lovely ladies, Beth and Samantha, thought of the brilliant brain child that is the Great Christmas Exchange 2013.
For those who don't know, anyone that signed up for this were then given the secret mission to stalk (but in a nice manner! - None of this Veronica Mars stuff, though I loved that programme!) our new friend. 
I had the lovely Kristy from KsKristy to follow. I loved finding out what Kristy loved, that she follows the KC Chiefs and loves Kansas! I had a big idea of getting a customised piece of jewellery but the cost was just too high. :( Maybe one day..
Our budget was $20 which at that time was £12, but I went for the extra £8. :)

After wrapping up the candle and bracelet and including a gorgeous cupcake bath bomb and chocolate. It was time to construct the box. Now I'm no expert, but this box took me 30 minutes to construct.. no joke! I was a bit sceptical that the gift was going to arrive in one piece so I included a small note aha - well it was travelling all the way to America!

Once my package was sent, I then received a package - my pressie from Secret Santa! :)
Now my Secret Santa was the amazing Rachel from Little Miss Black Bean Blog. I did the childish thing, and instantly shook the box.. it rattled!

I opened it up to find a bag full of goodies! This included googly eyes, stickers that smell of cocoa, rubber things that you put on the ends of pencils (Childhood memories), magic cards and glowsticks! GLOWSTICKS! I've not had one in years!
Now the dice I was a bit clueless, but along with the lovely letter it soon explained a game called Farkle. I've not tried playing it yet, but I'm sure I will soon with this rainy weather we have round here.
Rachel's Blog is lovely and I've just read about her travels to Disney World... yeah, I'm not jealous one bit. Pfft!
I've loved joining this small community and can not wait until this years. :) Thanks again, and Rachel and Kristy it was lovely meeting you :) 

Becky x


  1. This is so fun! I love the gifts your sent and received! So glad you participated!

  2. so fun! i love boxes of goodies!!