The Liebster Award - Round 2

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hello there! Today's post is firstly saying thank you to the lovely Megan from Aurora Dust. She has nominated me for the Liebster Award.
Now in May last year I was nominated for this award and spookingly enough by someone called Megan as well! It is a great way of meeting new people in this lovely community. All you have to do is answer the questions you have been sent and then nominate other bloggers who have under 200 followers with your set of questions. :)
Get the jist? Let's get cracking!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  Back in 6th form while studying media studies, we had to set up a blog to record all our work. However, this never lasted and that was when Blogger was very simple. Fast forward a few years, and I try and get into the blogging community again, but the fact I was limited to using my laptop only didn't really help, so I gave up. 
Last year I decided that was it! I personally wanted to change the way I was, and finding Zoella and other blogs through Twitter helped me persue this hobby. Since April last year, my blog has grown and grown. Ok so my post's are not related to "my journey" which is what my "About Me" page states. But I have loved the "journey" I have undertaken to meet some lovely people. :) I would like to carry on my blog with the events I help with, and increase my posts in the lifestyle section :) I have also started Vlogging! :) 

2.What are your favourite blog posts to write and why?
 Because my blog is all over the place (I don't like to be sterotyped) I enjoy writing about the events and weddings I have helped in. I am studying Events Management and along with the hotel I work in, they encourage me to take photos of table set ups etc.
I really want to get into PR, so if you know any websites that send things to Bloggers, send them my way! :)

3.Name your top 3 favourite Blogs at the moment.
Ooo, this is a trick question?! I have so many right now! So obviously Megan from Aurora Dust. I love reading posts about Beauty Products, I'm one for reading reviews before going out buying!
I am also loving Bethany at What She Did, Suzy at Eeep I'm A Blogger, Caitlin from IDS, Amy from Amy Connolly and Jemma from The Name of The Beauty. These are the main ones I've been reading this month and I get on really well with them... I hope... However all blogs that I follow are equally amazing! - You can find their links down below :)

4. What Celebrity's make-up do you love?
 Now don't hate me, but I honestly think all make up on Celebritys are more or less the same.
I hate those who constantly cake it on. I prefer the natural look. However, I do love Lauren Conrad's make up. It looks so flawless and soft touching... can make up be soft touching?!

5.Which Celebrity Style do you love?
 I love Anna Kendrick at the moment. No explanation. End of!

6.If you could take 3 items to a desert island what would you take and why?
 A blanket - nothing beats a lovely blanket to wrap up into plus you can use it for so many things!
 A good book - I would take my kindle, but that would run out of battery.
 Wet wipes - always good to have on you!

7.Make-up or Fashion?
 A bit of both, though I feel more confident with make-up than fashion. Something I need to work on :(

8.What is your dream job?
 To have a 9-5 office job in events or wedding planning. Therefore I can also have time to Blog and Vlog to my hearts content. I really want to take this seriously. :)

9.Where in the world do you want to visit the most?
 America, I've been once but that was when I was 8. So I would love to go again.

10. What tip would you give a newbie blogger knowing what you know now?
 Be patient when you start. I thought as soon as I started, the readers would fly in. In less than a year, Becky B Blog as 66 followers. Let them come to you, just keep writing. Also once you have your followers, keep in contact with them! I've met some great people!

11.Last one so let's make it fun - Do you have a party trick??
Eshhh knew you would ask me this one! I can wiggle my ears without moving my face.. *by the way, I didn't just do it to check...*

I nominate;

Bethany at What She Did
Caitlin at IDS
Gina at Ginazzy
Amy at Amy Connolly 

My Questions:

1. How did you pick your Blog's name?
2. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
3. What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
4. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13-​​year-​​old self?
5. Describe yourself in three words.
6. Beauty product you can't live without?
7. Three favourite online shopping websites?
8. What is your most prized possession?
9. What was your last/best holiday?
10. Wordpress or Blogger? Why?
11. What is your favourite post you have written? Leave a link for me to look at :)

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