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Friday, 4 April 2014

Hello everyone!

So today was a lovely day... if you count sitting in a room writing as fast as you can for 2.5 hours 'lovely'! But my word am I glad that exam is now over! However, the hard work is not done yet, I still have another paper due, alongside my dissertation (less than a month) and two presentations, which my tutors are saying are a breeze!

My problem is, I hate talking in front of people, even worse just my tutor on my own. I think it's the thought I am being assessed freaks me out. 'But you talk in front of the camera!' I here you say, well yes that is true, but if you knew how many attempts it took to film those!

Anyway, today I am linking below my most recent video, the 90's tag! I was joined by an old friend of mine, Steve. I've known him since GCSE year, so a good 6-7years now. This was also my first collaboration, and I loved it!

Would you believe this video was over an hour long! Cutting it down to this, was so hard! So in the near future, I will be uploading a 'Bloopers' video, it is pre-a-tty hilarious, if I do say so myself!

Right, that's my 'break' done for tonight, back to the laptop to write this paper. :)

Until next time guys!

Becky xx

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