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Sunday, 9 November 2014

As some of you may know via my Twitter & Instagram, I finally left my place of work after 4 years. I won't bore you with an Oscar speech of how much I will miss the place and the lovely people I had the pleasure of working with, but I will say this.. After wearing the same uniform for this amount of time, what do I wear to a normal office job?!

Lovely bunch of flowers & cards from my fellow colleagues,.

I start my new job tomorrow (10th November) in an office about 45 minute drive from where I live. It is an events company which allows me to work 9-5:30, which means I get my evenings back and weekends back and best of all, I get to wear nail varnish to work! You don't know how happy that makes me feel after working in the hospitality industry all this time!

When I accepted the new job as an Events Enquiry Planner I was curious to know what the dress code is for the office. 
Smart casual was the response I got. Okay, this can't be that hard. Few tops, trousers and a jumper. Yes?

Oh and to make it even harder Becky, it's November so everything on sale in the shops are just jumpers and glittery things, because people want you to dress up as if a glitter baby puked over you!

Well, lets hope I settle down ok tomorrow, and I don't look ridiculous in my new wardrobe! 

Though I must be grateful that because of my new exciting job, I get to blog more in the evenings. The problem I had this summer was the fact my hours increased due to the staff shortage, which meant I spent the majority of my time either working long hours or sleeping. It was upsetting to see that Becky B Blog got pushed away and very rarely got updated. 

With this in mind, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has stuck by me and encouraged me to get back on the bandwagon! A SORRY is also for those that have been looking forward to my posts but I have never delivered. Never again! 

November means the start of a new career, more blog posts which also means this blog will be including fashion and beauty. Something I wanted to include when I started Becky B Blog, as I wanted to change the person I was in terms of confidence and self esteem.

I have also created a Facebook page of all photos I have taken when I was working at the hotel, please click here to go see and like the page Becky B Photography. Would make me so so happy :) 

Expect Instagram OOTD and many Tweets! ;)

Wish me luck guys! :) 

Until next time, 



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