Five for Friday

Friday, 29 May 2015

I'm pretty sure I'm not the first, or only one, who has decided to post about five good things on a Friday. I want to motivate myself into blogging, so here we go:

Bathed in 9 months
Don't judge. I've had numerous showers since. 
As my brother has jetted off to Canada for 4 months, he has ownership of the family bath, we've sprayed the disinfectant and binned the breathing apparatus.
I then soaked until I was a wrinkled old prune!

Trip to London
This isn't unusual for me, but what is, is meeting people I've never met before.
On Saturday I caught the train to London to meet Beth from What She Did and Clare from The Love of all things Beauty. We had a lovely day of giggles, make up and the most AMAZING milkshakes from Lola's Cupcakes. We had such a lovely day, this was the only photo I took, inside Liberty's.

Five little Ducklings
Soon after I arrived back from London, I was surprised to find these lot in my garden. How cute?!

A true girls night out...
Gone are the days of dancing in clubs and drinking until you are considerably merry. After having a lovely meal at our local Cosy Club with the girls form the hotel I worked in, we all went back to a friends house to play with her new kitten, Marie. 
Such a wild night.. ;)

Cinema trip
Tonight I am looking forward to seeing Pitch Perfect 2 with another friend of mine. I absolutely loved the first and slightly excited for the sequel. Have you seen it yet?

So that's my #FiveforFriday, what's yours? Anything slightly more fun than playing with a kitten? Comment below :)

B x

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