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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Well relaxing went down the drain last night, though I don't recall doing assignment work in front of the telly watching The Apprentice relaxing, do you?
Presentation went well thank you for asking! :) We passed! I would of thought so seeing as it was 41 slides long! Never again!
However last night I started my 4000 word assignment:
"What impact does social media and websites have on potential customers on hotels?"

At first this seemed like a really interesting title, I love the hospitality industry as well as social media sites and marketing. I keep offering my services to set up an Instagram account for the hotel especially for the events we hold but they wont see what a great idea it is. I do post them on my own account though :)
Alas, my motivation has run out and the topic is becoming quite boring, but as the deadline is next Friday I have no choice but to carry on! Talking about how Facebook and other websites like Tripadvisor have an impact on customers choices when chosing a hotel is getting a bit pretentious!
So my blogging will take a back seat until then, but I will keep checking in.

If you have any thoughts about my assignment question then please do comment :) 
Once this work is done then I'm free :) A large G&T is waiting :)

Ciao for now!

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  1. Love your blog! I've nominated it for a Liebester award...