No Introduction? How Rude!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

As the title states I never really introduced myself!
This is for all the (hopefully) new followers to read.

So firstly the basics, I'm a 22 year old, still living with the parents, not the usual "Uni Student." When I say not the usual, I mean that I got as far as packing the car ready to leave for Leeds Met.. and then panicked.
Next thing and two years later, I'm just finishing my Foundation Degree in Hospitality Business Management and work full time in a hotel in the local town. Graduating in September and then starting my third year in Events.

My name? Becky. I went through the usual phase when I was younger when I changed the spelling more or less the same time as Atomic Kitten changed their band members.
This blog is for me to express my views and thoughts on every day life as well as typing up the occasional reviews on products.
I'm currently going through an identity crisis, in that I hate what i see, but this is my journey to change. :)


  1. nice blog set out:)x

    1. Thanks :) I'm only a beginner so hoping to create a layout i love! You have some good posts yourself and looking forward to reading more! :) x