Sun and Puppy Dogs.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Wowee, what weather have I, and probably half the nation, have come across today!
It's a scorcher!
Scorcher.. what a word!
I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and your are wearing sun tan lotion! ;) Bit hypocritical as i am currently sat in the garden, in the sun doing assignment work (there always has to be a downer on such a glorious day!) wearing no sun lotion!

This is also where i start to complain about how i wish i had a white laptop, my black one is heating up and its so hot! Quite surprised that it is still going.. might of jinxed it now, you watch!

Anyway, hopefully I'll get a bit of a tan.. i hope. However i have not taken full advantage in getting my shorts on.. pasty legs here i come!
Maybe i should invest in some tanning lotion instead of those Raybans I've been eyeing up!?
Just come back from our neighbours garden, they brought a miniature Schnauzer puppy yesterday called Jack. It is so small! That was my break for today while doing work.. however i', typing this up and that's technically a break..Eurgh!

Muchos Love Readers,
B x

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