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Monday, 6 May 2013

Well I hope you all enjoyed the weather! :) I managed to catch the sun whilst sat in the garden, thankfully not invaded by animals :)

I decided this afternoon that I needed to clear up my room, looked a bit dirty..
Anyway, upon looking in my drawer I came across loads of product samples.
Couple of months ago I subscribed to GlossyBox. You paid £12 (or near enough) once a month for a box in return which had five products in. These products were based on your "Beauty Profile", however some of them I received were for anti-ageing, I know I'm old but I'm not THAT old!

I've decided I'll take some time in the evenings to review these as well as anything else that I buy or find lurking in my room.

Now I'm not a huge make-up fan, and you really would not believe this if you saw my bag..
Ok, I may of exaggerated a bit, but it tends to stay in the bag rather than out being used!
So in my rummaging I came across not one, but three mascaras.
This is one product that I can not live without!
So the three that I have are:

Rimmel London "Scandaleyes- Show off"
Maybelline "Volum' Express Lift Up"
and finally Benefits "They're Real"

After trying all three, and I'm not surprised, Benefits is my favourite. However at the hefty price of £19.50 I'm considering to use it for special occasions, don't get much of those..
I did get this one on offer, it came with a free travel size mascara which my mum has.
Now when I have time I'll show you the effects of the mascara, it really does "extend and volumise" and no i don't wear those stupid fake eyelashes, mine are 100% real. :)
I'll also show you what make up I use everyday, I might even chuck some of it out..!
Right Ciao for now Bella's!
B x

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