Oh dear,

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wow! Ok, so I majorly suck right?! I've been so busy and to be honest had no motivation to blog at all! :( 
Work has been hectic with weddings and events so that blog will be updated soon, and I've been coming home from work absolutely exhausted! But fear not, I need to get back into the rhythm of writing on here and that will start ... Tonight! 
So my question to you, is what keeps you motivated to Blog? What spurs you on? 

Becky x


  1. The thing that continually makes me want to blog is the comments that I get, when I see that people are following my blog ( even if it's just one ) it kinda gives me hope.
    I also kinda like certain link ups like Weekly Wishes over at thenectarcollective.com
    the Sunday Social at ashleylately.com and A Blonde Ambitions Confessional Friday.

    I find that if you are supposed to link up it makes you more likely to write that day. Most times you often get feedback from like minded people who may follow your blog and you get MUCH more enjoyment if you find a few bloggers you love to read. I come on to see new posts from some of my faves, or watch videos on youtube and I get a creative spark from somewhere..

    I hope this helps! (: Especially since you were one of my first followers!

    Jenny xox

    1. Thank you Jenny! I've read your comment and the links that you have given.
      I need the motivation to blog and find what i find enjoyable to write about.
      I love Events so I might just blog about them :) Thanks again. Like you said, its nice to read comments from your followers :) xx