Welcome 2014!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Well Happy New Year guys! How did you celebrate the beginning of your new story? I was at work, but what a fun night it was! :)
I'm not one to make resolutions as I never keep them.. ever! But what I will be doing this year, is to just live my life as it comes. As many of you know, I'm still studying and this year is the THE year to crack down and get the work done. I will not be straying from Blogging, but I will be a lot quieter now. I need to focus!

Though what I will do is share the lovely news, that for Christmas I got a Canon EOS 1100D Camera!.. :):)
My parents completely shocked me with this one, however it does mean that the quality of my photos, especially for the wedding posts will be of a better quality. I can not wait to use it properly, but in the mean time are just some of the test shots I've taken.

Despite being blurry, the picture of Bramble is my favourite. :)
This year as well as (fingers crossed) getting my degree, I will be watching this little Blog grow into what I want it to be. A place where I can escape and write about what's going on as well as share stories and experiences. It's very cliché, but 2014 is my year!
Becky B Blog will be celebrating it's first birthday in April, and I may do a small give a way ... watch this space ;) I have lots of brilliant things to write about. It's all rather exciting stuff :)

In the mean time I leave you with this little saying that I have in my room to keep me going :)

Becky x


  1. Congrats on your new camera!!!
    Your shots look great! I am excited for the new wedding shots you'll be taking :)

    1. Weddings are starting at the end of January, so in the mean time I'm just practising. I've even been asked to take some photos for a couples "Save the Date" invites :) x

  2. I like the photo of Bramble too (what a cute name!)

    1. She is such a cutie, and was really quick moving when I was taking the photos :( x