Weekly Wishes #13

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people.
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The Nectar Collective

This week the theme for the photo's are 'Animals.' Just like any other animal lover, I really am going to struggle as I love animals so much and we own 6 types of animals. If you follow me, you've already met Bramble (the hamster) So I thought I would introduce Thomas the horse. :) This was taken last year when I was riding him back to our house from a field we rent in the fens. He is 30 years old would you believe! But still a young horse at heart and can escape from his field when he feels like it. He is part of the family as we've had him for well over 14 years!

So what was last week's Weekly Wish? Improve my blog design.
Okay, so as you can see it is not completed, but I have been researching around and have been in touch with a few blog designers. :) Unfortunately, their schedules are just as busy as mine and won't be able to do anything until February. But that is fine, I can wait until then. Hopefully by then, by blogging would of really taken off. I may just schedule the new blog design in time for my 1 year blog anniversary ;) Does anyone celebrate these? aha!

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Get into the Christmas Spirit.
Slightly cheating on this one as I took to the sales over the weekend and last night to buy my Christmas shopping on-line. I normally go shopping, but I really have no time at all! Just like I really have no time to blog... aha! Most of it is done and delivery should be starting tomorrow, can not wait. In the mean time, I will be writing Christmas cards, not something I do, but I found some in my drawer of my desk, and really should use them!
If you want one, feel free to ask for one aha! :)

Good Luck with your Weekly Wishes!

Becky x


  1. Once you get started on those card, the mood will definitely get into you! Have fun writing 'em!

  2. Oooh! I love horses!
    I did a huge blog design update but I kind of feel like I need to improve on it, which probably won't happen until around February, too! Twinsies haha!
    Anywho, I don't think Christmas cards are in my future this year, but I may do them next year. I always feel like you're supposed to do them when you have a family... I need to get out of that mindset.
    Good luck with this week!