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Friday, 29 November 2013

Last time I spoke about my favourite theme at weddings, this week it's all about cakes.
Yes, you heard correctly...  cakes. I love cake, not that my figure tells it, but I love seeing the bakers creativity on someone’s day. That cake can even be the cherry on top for the couple – pun intended.
 I share with you some of the amazing cakes I've seen, and thankfully had a taster of.
All these photos are taken from me, from weddings from last year and in the summer this year.

I've noticed recently, that more and more couples are choosing to have cupcakes to share with their guests, and to have a smaller cake on the top for the traditional, cutting of the cake. When asked why, couples have replied saying it's a lot cheaper, and even more so when you make the cupcakes yourself.
After the recent cupcake craze, you can now walk into any supermarket or craft store and buy numerous amounts of materials for decorating your cupcakes.

If you're a quirky couple why not have something different. Recently, we've been seeing a lot of these, Pork Pie wedding cakes, as well as actual Cheese Cakes. It's completely different and cost's around £75 for approx. 105 portions from Nelson's. There are other butchers that may be able to make one, but Nelson's are amazing, and get my recommendation every time! ;)

The tradition of cutting the cake is becoming more and more scarce. And nowadays, all couples are trying to find ways to cut the cost. Plain fruit cakes are normally the way. This is a simple two-tiered fruit cake. Now fancy icing, nothing. Actually I quite like this, what do you think?

Now this cake was really something else and with the design, is easily in my top two favourites (my first one you will see in a second.) This was a three tiered cake, each tier was completely different. The first was Lemon drizzle, the second a raspberry ripple and the third was a Victoria sponge. The outside of the cake was made of chocolate.. all of it! Even that teapot!! My dream cake!
 Despite how amazing it was, the time it took to take off each individual decoration and then to cut through the chocolate to serve was a pain. But oh my god!! Still amazes me to this day how we managed to carry it out, it was so heavy!

Now this cake is my favourite of the year, hands down! You might recognise it, as it's an actual ChoccyWoccyDoodah cake! 
If you don't know who ChoccyWoccyDoodah are, they are the Gucci and Christian Dior of cakes.
They are just amazing in terms of design and taste!!
The whole thing was made of chocolate and I cannot begin to imagine the prices! Now this wasn't a wedding cake as such, it was actually a Wedding Anniversary Cake, but I really wanted to share with you this amazing creation! Like the cake previously, it was so heavy to manoeuvre, that it took 5 of us to get it out of the box, and carefully place on a cake table! Nervous staff or what!
It even travelled overnight by courier from Brighton and that's a good 3 hours journey!

These are just some of the photos I have of the amazing cakes that we've seen, and hopefully I will be able to share with you more of them. If you want any tips to cakes remember this;

  • Insist of asking for the baker's portfolio of cakes. This way you can see what their work is like, and you may see some cakes you like.
  • If you want something different, add personal touches. You can even get cake toppers to look like yourself and your partner.
  • Always ask if you can try cakes, some bakers will invite you to see a taster of what it will look like. That way you can try and change any aspects you don't like. 
  • If you're looking to cut down on price, maybe ask a friend or family to make one as a wedding gift. 
  • Finally try and find out when your cake will be delivered and who will construct it. We have seen may brides who forget this and panic on the day. Thankfully we are more than happy to help!
For more tips head over to Food Network UK.

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