Weekly Wishes #12

Monday, 25 November 2013

Right, I'm going to quickly write this as by looking at The Nectar Collective's Blog I clearly have not done Weekly Wishes for a while, and I feel awful about it!
Annyway! I'm back which is the most important thing no? I can't even remember why I was gone..but I wrote it over here :)

It's that time of the week again when the Blogging Community come together and link up to The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes!
This is were we all think of goals or wishes that we want to complete as well as meeting new people!
Link up & Join in!

The Nectar Collective

This week the theme for the photo's are 'New Beginnings.' I thought long and hard about this one and you know what? I have no photo.. except if I took a picture of me blogging.. I'm having a brain freeze just trying to imagine how I would do that. But seriously, as soon as I started Blogging back in April I had no idea what doors would open for me. Yes I would love to have 10,000 followers, but right now I'm happy with the number I have. I've met some brilliant people on the way and plan to meet many many more. So thank you for reading, following, re-tweeting etc. :)
I love blogging, and it really has been a New Beginning of my life :)

So what was last week's Weekly Wish? Work. Crafty. Blogging.
Ok so it was actually the end of October that I set myself that task... HA!
But I actually de-plugged myself from blogging, and focused on my assignments. I handed it on time and my presentation went really really well. We get our grades in 2 weeks now, so massive fingers crossed for a good grade :) But I have just started blogging again, especially about my recent trip to London which you can read the first part here and second part here. - Enjoy!
I did start knitting.. did, because I then noticed I had a thousand holes in it! Yes, you can stop giggling because your meant to have holes in it, but I mean like dropped-a-stitch hole.. So I gave up and when I get a chance I will start all over again, despite doing about 17 rows... *sob*

What is this week's Weekly Wish? Improve my blog design.
I really, really need your help on this one. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you may of noticed a few design changes. I think at one point I had my name in huge letters which took up all of my screen..hehe.
Anyway, safe to say I well and truly suck at blog designing. Like majorly!
All I want it a lovely, simple blog design... WHY CAN I NOT ACHIEVE THIS!
Why does blog design need to be so difficult!?!? It probably isn't and I'm just being a HUGE drama queen about it!
Can you help me? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I will start batting my eyelids. :):)
I've searched on all the free blog design websites, but I would love something different.. :D
Drop us a comment or an email, I'm sure we can come to some arrangement.

Good Luck with your weekly wishes!

Becky x

P.S I've just read and realised I say anyway far too much.. HA!
P.S.S << Who does this.. seriously!?


  1. Knitting sounds like fun but I'd probably make a mess out of it haha.
    I wish I could help you with the blog design but the tech department is not really me. I hope someone gives you an awesome suggestion. Good luck!

    1. Thanks hun! Knitting is easy once you get into it. xx

  2. I think blogging is more about having an opportunity to share opinions & exciting things with people, rather than about the number of people who follow you *but it is always nice to see that people actually read the thing you put a lot of time & effort in*

    I really like your blog design - I used to try & find some good free designs for my blog before I stuck with a basic blogger one that I could customise - which I used Pic Monkey (http://www.picmonkey.com) to design the header.

    I'm excited to see the new look you go for :)

    1. I use Picmonkey for all my pictures, especially for weekly wishes and watermarking them.
      But thank you :) x

  3. Aww I went through the wanting a new design to. Two awesome girls that I have used are Allie @ http://www.callmesassafras.com/ and Kate @ http://elevensesdesigns.com/
    Both are great!!!

  4. I can't wait to see your new blog design, Becky! I bet it turns out great! I wish I could be of more help, but I really don't know anything about blogspot blogs. Good luck- can't wait to see it!