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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello everyone!

Today's post was going to include a video... and thinking about it now I may edit this later when I get round to adding it. Unfortunately, I have been mega busy and along with having no free time to film, there is no video.
An actual bummer as this was meant to be a link up with the lovely Suzy for her "Getting to know you" tag.
This is a new link-up but looking so fun. :)

Instead of being an arse, I have answered the questions below.. please don't hate me..

1) What makes you laugh?
    A lot of things make me laugh. Pictures of cats. Pictures of dogs. Any photo to be honest which is funny. I only watch comedy films and programmes. I feel recently that along with all my work, I need to seize every opportunity that I have to laugh. Even I find myself laughing at the smallest things :)

2) What made you become a blogger?
     I'm not sure, I had started blogs in the past but only this one has stuck by. Looking at my first posts, I wanted to change myself and use my blog as my journal to record what happens. That has slightly changed, as it has taken a back seat until I finish my degree. I now blog when I feel like it, but overall I have used my blog to meet some amazing people. :)

3) Do you have any regular features on your blog? If not, why not and if so, why do you do them?
    I don't have any regular features of my own on my blog, but I do partake in others such as Weekly Wishes. I really want my own, but not sure what. I have tried posting about Events that I have helped in but I need a catchy title.. any ideas?!

4) What is one piece of advice that has stuck with you?
    I don't really have any advice that has stuck with me. However, when I'm feeling stressed or feel like I just can't complete what ever task I have. I just take a deep breathe and say to myself that I'm only human. At the end of the day, if it's going to happen then its going to happen and we just have to get on with it. - I'm currently saying this to myself about 50 times at the moment!

5) What inspires you when writing blog posts?
    Ermmm, well I'm currently on a dry patch in terms of writing posts. :( I need inspiration, but I feel when I get this work out of the way, my creative side will flourish again! Normally I will read posts and think I should include my opinions on that of if I buy new things I feel I should share with you guys. Whatever takes my fancy.

6) Aside from being a fantastic at blogging, do you have any hidden talents/party tricks?
    Gahhh, I really should of done a video otherwise you won't believe this AMAZING party trick I can do!
Haha, nahh I can wiggle my ears without moving my face. :) It's weird, but I gets people trying it for themselves :)

7) What are your top tips for first time vloggers/bloggers?
  Ooo this was my own question.... My only tip would be patience and be yourself. Don't use the screen to hide behind. Use this space to be yourself and be as creative as you can. Be patient when gaining followers and watching your blog grow. It takes time. :)

8) If you'd had to get a tattoo at eleven years of age, what would it of been?
   Oh gosh.. a lot of things. Dolphin prehaps. I loved them at that age. Or a symbol of a band I liked..

9) What is the story behind your blog name/username?
    No story, except that in the pub the locals would say "Becky B!" whenever they walked in. So I took it from that, :)

10) How do you think you'd react if your blog ever appeared on Get Off My Internets?
     Pardon?!  I don't even know what this is, but I'm guessing quite bad. How do you know if you are featured on there? *starts panicking*

11) Tell us about a teacher who has had a big influence on your life. 
     I don't think a teacher has had a big influence on my life to be honest. How boring..

12) If you could give a message to anybody who isn't here right now, what would it be?
     I want to tell my future self that the journey's worth it after all... I hope!

Well that is all my questions answered for! Again I'm sorry I couldn't put it in a video but with all this stress my skin has seen better days and I'm having to spend all hours of free time on assignments!

If this is a regular link up, I promise I will do a video next time!

Bye for now!

Becky x

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  1. Awww I want to see the wiggly ears thing!! Thank you for linking up anyway even though you couldn't do a vlog though :) I liked your answers! We'd have totally been tattoo twins with a lame dolphin tattoo haha!! xx