Guest Post: Kathy's Summer Must Have's!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hey guys! Because I am now off working at a festival this weekend, the lovely Kathy from Him & Me Blog has been very kind and jumped over here to leave her tips on her Summer Must Have's! Take it away Kathy!

Hello Everyone! My name is Kathy and I’m stopping over on Becky B’s Blog to tell you about my Summer Must Have’s!

I live in Los Angeles. Not only do I live in Los Angeles, I live in the hottest part of the city, where summer temperatures are usually above the 100 mark, and can reach 120 on the hottest of days (usually in August).

I was born and raised here so I’ve become used to the heat, but that’s because I have learned the Must Have’s for Summer!

  1. Air Conditioning. I know this isn’t an option for everyone, and you might call me spoiled, but I just cannot live without air conditioning in the summer months (and a lot of the time the spring, fall, and winter as well – Thanks Global Warming!). All the homes I’ve lived in have had AC and for that I am very grateful. While it is usually recommended that we keep the thermostat at 78* to conserve energy, I have to say I usually keep it at 74 or 76. Slap my hand, I’m bad, but when it’s 120 outside, you have to do what you can to stay cool.
  2. Pool. Sometimes the AC isn’t enough or it’s just the right temperature outside to go and take a dip in the pool. When I was a little girl I LOVED to go swimming. I remember watching the summer Olympics and my dad promising to take me to the pool after the swimming competition was over. When my parents bought their townhouse in 1996 they made sure it was in a complex with a pool. My husband and I bought a condo in April and it also has a pool. Pools are essential in the summer
    1. These are my 3 nieces and nephew!
    2. Ice Cream. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s not like we need an excuse to eat ice cream, but it being summer makes for a good one if we did need it.
    3. Tank Tops/Shorts/Dresses. I’m not one to wear shorts, I tend to stick to capris, but that’s because I have big thighs that do not go well with shorts. For those of you with short-wearing legs, this is essential. A good alternative, for me, is to stick with tank tops and dresses. The Maxi dresses are super popular this year and I love them too!
    4. Sandals/Flip Flops. I hate socks. My feet don’t do well in closed surroundings. Summer is the perfect time to put the socks and shoes in storage and live in flip flops and sandals. I used to live in flip flops year round, then I got a job in which closed shoes were required. Luckily my current job only requests that sandals have a backing to them – easy enough.
    5. Sunscreen. I am not good at putting sunscreen on and I have a sun mark on my forehead to prove it. However, my husband is Irish and very very white. He needs sun screen everywhere to keep from turning into a tomato so I’ve become better at this lately. It’s also very important, we do way too much damage to our skin with the amount of UV light we receive. Keep some sunscreen on hand. I like to get the sticks for my face for easier application.
    6. Iced Martini. I love alcohol. Especially ice cold Martini’s and other fruity drinks. I recently discovered something that has changed my life. I always complained that there wasn’t an easy to have drink to have after a hard day at work – but thanks to Malibu brand I now have a nice cold drink to enjoy while lounging on the couch with the AC on while wearing a maxi dress. (Thank you to Amanda Nicole for reminding me of this!)
    7. Sunglasses. I’m even worse at this than I am at sunscreen, but it’s a must. The sun is super bright and your eyeballs need protection as much as your skin. I tend to break mine or leave them behind when I go out, but it is something I definitely should always have with me.
    8. Juicy Fruit. (and I don't mean the gum!) When the heat starts I start craving fruit. Lately it has been plums and peaches, but cantaloupe, honey dew melons, and watermelons are also great summer fruit. They are full of juice that will help keep you hydrated which is important during hot days.
    9. Beach Access. Now I’m not a huge beach fan – mostly due to the sand – but on the days where it is extremely hot inland, it’s nice to head to the coast and enjoy cooler temperatures. Some days there is a 30 degree drop from where I live to Malibu. With a nice sea breeze taking the brunt of the heat away, the beach is always a great hangout during the summer

    Now go have a drink (but don't drive) and enjoy some nice cool air conditioning! 

    Thank you Kathy! That beach is making me want to go swimming! Do you guys have any Summer Must Have's that are not on this list? Comment below!

    Until next time 

    Becky x

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