My Emmy Twenty Shoes; Review

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

When it comes to shoes, I prefer to go towards the boring, black, flat with the sensible design. I do own high heels, before any of you jump to assumptions, but there is no better feeling than putting on a pair of flats after being on your feet all day! You must agree with me on that!?

I currently only live in Toms and Vans, so when I was approached by Sharon at Emmy Twenty, I was a bit hesitant on straying to a new brand of shoe.
Emmy Twenty is a newly formed company after Sharon was getting slightly annoyed when her high heels would get stuck in the busy pavements and tube doors of London. After much research, Sharon found a gap in the market for fashionable leather flats, but at an affordable price.  Now the company take pride in their small collection of Ballet pumps, a timeless classic piece.

Initially I was asked to give the website feedback, but once I started browsing, there was no stopping me and next thing I know I had ordered a pair of shoes.

Invicta to be exact, in the colour Tan. A gorgeous leather shoe, with the toe piece covered in metal studs. I was really torn between these and the other amazing choices. What’s more surprising is that they’re not my chosen colour of black! Another pair of shoes on Emmy Twenty even struck a chord. My grandmother died of Ovarian Cancer when my Mum was in her late 20’s, so to find a pair of shoes with a donation going towards Ovarian Cancer was so lovely to see and great that a company had recognised an illness with little publication on. 

The shoes cost £65, now before you start wincing, that cost is a lot cheaper than a normal pair of leather shoes, and to be honest you don’t even know if you are getting genuine leather. With Emmy Twenty you are guaranteed! Sizes range from 3 to 8 and the choice of colours with the designs are all just gorgeous.
I was very impressed by the smooth method of ordering, paying and the time frame of then receiving the shoes! Very quick with free delivery in the UK! There was a lovely note from Sharon who told me it was best to walk them in with socks around the house for a bit. And she wasn't wrong!

I opened the box, and am instantly hit with the smell of pure workmanship and leather, absolutely amazing! A lot of hard work went into these shoes and you can really tell, I even have some writing in the sole which I love :) Adds a quirky and unique touch to them. 

Now for me to ensure that I gave you a true review, I allowed myself a month rather than a week. I tried them on and they were very tight, so tight I could initially keep them on for 10 minutes. I ordered a size 6 and panicked I had the wrong size. This didn't stop me and every so often I would put them on my feet and walk around the house. I suppose it has not helped that my feet are in bad shape at the moment from ill fitted work shoes, but none the less slowly the Invicta Shoes started to give in to my messed up feet and started to feel comfortable.

These are absolutely gorgeous shoes and I am so glad I picked them out, the tan ones go really well with just jeans and casual top at the moment, but am looking forward to pairing them up with other items. I would really highly recommend this small shoe shop for shoes (try saying that quickly) that are made of the highest standard, affordable and designs you will not see on the high-street. I'm actually looking at the website right now, mouse hovering over the Danson Teal ones. My Toms can move over now!

If you would like to know more about Emmy Twenty or would like to gaze over the range of shoes, you can find the link here as well as throughout the review.

Thank you, Sharon, for letting me into your world of stunning flat shoes.

Until next time

Becky x

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