Goodbye 2014; Hello 2015!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another year has flown by, and so quickly too!

Feels like yesterday I was writing my other post about what I was hoping to achieve in 2014, and by the looks of things not a lot.

2014 was a year that was going to be stressful and not a lot of fun. My degree was in full flow and my life was taken over by my promotion at work to supervisor, which meant more hours at work, less being sociable.

In September that all changed. Within a week, I graduated. Found a new job and handed in my resignation!
I've only been at the new place for nearly two months but a lot has changed for the company.
I have taken over the social media side and the company is growing and growing! I've even set up our own blog! :)

I am ever so grateful for meeting the people I have. Bethany at Whatshedid, Beth at Beauty and Beta, Suzy at Eeep I'm a Blogger, Caitlin at I'm a Damn Student.. and April at Hello April are just to name a few.
Without you girls and, yes you who is reading this, I honestly would't be the person I am now.
Thank you!

So what does 2015 have for me?

I want to take this year as it comes.
I don't want to feel forced to find a boyfriend, nor do I want to force myself into situations I don't feel comfortable in.

I want to take control of my anxiety problems towards socialising.
I want to move out.
I want to build my blog more.
Join in on meet-ups
Meet up with some bloggers I've met over the past year.

but most importantly;

Start to love the person I am.

It is extremely cliche but I'm here to change :)

What are your goals for this year?

Happy New Year; Let 2015 be your year!


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