Blog Love Tuesday #3

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hello, hello!

Let's jump straight into Blog Love Tuesday shall we?

Each week for Becky B Blog, Tuesday is a day to share what we love in the world of blogging :)

If you would like to join in, please include this lovely badge so others can join in, and use #bloglovetuesday while chatting on Twitter :)

So, what blog have I been loving this week?

Lola from Lola's Little Wonders

I've not known Lola for that long, in fact I only found her through the #vloggerssecretsanta thanks to +Beth Williams :) 
Lola, is a lovely, bubbly, Essex girl who, like any other person, loves her makeup! She is also a bad influencer when it comes to buying make-up brushes! ;) haha!
In 2015, Lola will be embarking a fantastic journey as she travels around the USA for 5 weeks! I am so jealous of this opportunity and I'm hoping she will keep her blog updated of what she gets up to!
My favourite posts at the moment include the Christmas Party Make Up Look over on her YouTube channel and, of course, her Trek America countdown series!
 I may just book my flight ticket ;) 

It has been lovely to meet you, Lola, on Twitter and read your blog! Keep it up and I look forward to your posts in the New Year! 

Feel free to join in, tell me what blogs you've been loving! 

Let's push the hate aside, and share the love!


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